what to do when it doesn’t work


what to do when it doesn’t work

I think there are times when our wishes don’t come true and we get frustrated.



(I forgot my nose!)



Well, I think there are times when you get frustrated when your wishes don’t come true.





Tired of waiting and almost giving up

I’m worried that it won’t come true

and frustrated

When you think about this and that





“Proceed to more infatuation”






Of course, I do not just wish

The premise is that you acted properly in that direction.

I think fulfilling a wish is similar to ordering something online.







all you need is

“Clear order and action for it”

I think that’s all







Think about this when shopping online

What color, what size, what material ?

Then give a clear order

Taking action such as placing an order






Some things arrive quickly, some things take time

it’s just a matter of waiting

In an age of too fast results

I feel that many people are suffering from this waiting time.








No matter how you feel while waiting

You can’t change the delivery time

That’s why I forget the time

If you keep looking for things to become more engrossed in,

You don’t have to waste your time







Easy-to-find things are easy to lose interest in

Proof that things that take time are worth it

Before I knew it, it had come true

I don’t know what a wish might be like unexpectedly~




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