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Name: masapi21 (Masapi 21)
(Former HN: Chinnen, Hakuryu,

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It's easy:
On New Year's Day 2000, he joined Vatu 1 (there is one male) and married him, who had liv
ed with him for about seven years.
In 2001, he was broken by too much work and was recommended to re
tire by a doctor. (Depression, Panic Disorder)
 In the same year, when I did a "Chinnen-no-Pu-Terro Diary" on the theme
of myself who became unemployed, I experienced fanization with an unexpected response.
In 2002, he
bed in the Internet business and affiliates.
December 2002 Divorce All lost d
ebt remains and depression becomes severe.
March 2003 Moved to Okayama Prefecture, bu
t returned to Osaka in a few days to experience the wonder.
 During the three tatami
mats, no bath, toilet joint, G Tenko prime apartment life begins.
What happened in Augu
st 2003 was so great that I couldn't face it and finally updated the site. After that, the si
te was closed once.
 I'm almost sleepy, but I'm forced to make the most of my day-to-day work and my benefactors.

(It becomes s
evere from this area, and the accurate record is vague, and the judgment ability is not necessary.)
January 2004 As recommended by the agency, change hospitals and experience disabili
ty pensions, self-reliance support medical care, and a little welfare.
 Hikikomori is in full swing and spends every day eating only half
the price of sweet potatoes and rolled thromo in the middle of the night in a state where daily life, money management, medicine management, etc. cannot
be done.
 The pocketbook for people with disabilities changes from 2nd grade to 1st grade.

Same? I don't think ab
out my job, I just concentrate on treatm
 Maybe there will be self-bankruptcy around here.
 The facility where similar people gather and the one such as day care are used for th
e first time by introducing the facility of the psychiatry department from the psychosomatic medicine department.

A few years later, he suddenly stop
taking psychiatric drugs, cut off welfare, and began full-scale internet business, affiliates, and site creation agency.
It came to be called an aphid, and it came to receive the impression in the e-mail magazine etc.

2012 If you app
ly for a project in the city by misunderstanding, you will pass through system developme
nt, security manager, lecturer, etc.
March 2013 After the project ends, move and think about a new direction.
2013 There is an offer from an acquainta
nce who transferred to another company, and he cooperates in the business of teaching smartphones and tablets to
seniors and becomes a general leader.
September 9, 2015 Launch of the current "masapi21world" in the open domain.
l 2017 The above excerpt and awareness and mental system as the theme of Ameblo version "Hoshi
no Pachi mottled" was opened and used in combination, it will eat into the top of the mental health system ranking.
I received a thank you message and a comment, and it comes to be called a blogger around though there is no subjective symptom.

May 2020 Originally, I had several YouTube channels, but I decided to enter this site in earnest.

I enjoy doing what I want to do basically mainly with
its overall support and mental system.

There are no specific girls in the hole. ('a')no

I don't know.