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To you who are too tired

I can’t get tired I should be resting, but Masapi21’s radio #Podcast 008

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I can’t get tired I’m supposed to be resting, but Masapi21’s radio #Podcast # 008

I’m sure some of you are worried that you won’t get tired.
Is this also the cause of the podcast? I am talking about.

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Basically it’s a style of listening, so I’m sorry if it’s hard to see on youtube etc.

I hope it helps you a little.

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I secretly advanced to the stand FM without permission.
If you want to hear a good story, please go there!

Old man ‘s daily life Temporary Masapi21

The text is transcribed below, so if you need it, please


Masapi21 I see radio


In this program

Beginning in Masapi21’s head

Things you can’t tell on your blog and your lifestyle

Psychology Brain Science Attract

Relax the points that many people think about, such as the subconscious

I would like to send it in a style that can be heard while


Because it is an extension of soliloquy

I hope you’ll listen to me



Yes start 


I would like to talk about not being tired



I’m supposed to be resting

I’m going to talk

Change the taste a little from usual

I’m in slide format



If youtube is only subtitles


I thought it wasn’t interesting

I tried to make it look like a commentary If it was popular

I would like to proceed with this one


I’m not talking about physical things this time

I’m talking about the brain

Are you really resting 


As a related item

It’s a podcast

I see, I’m doing radio

It ’s the result of eliminating waste.


The result of omitting it because I thought it was useless

Maybe it’s what happened

I’m talking about my experiences

Please ask if you are interested


I’m talking about what will happen



Make it your own

It’s a review of what to do to do this.


No. 1 Input No. 2 Arrangement No. 3 Output

This is the flow, right?


The first input is

The information that modern people receive

It is said that it is 500 times that of a few years ago.



There are many ways to say it, hundreds of times more than in the Edo period.

Either way, you’re receiving a lot of information, right?


The amount of input is tremendously increasing right now

As a result, thinking with the brain has increased tremendously.


Even a little thing

After all, I use the brain, so I’m thinking about it.


I wonder if it will come

I wonder if this isn’t there


What does this person say on sns

I wonder how to react

There was such news

It ’s amazing, you ’re always working, right?

The brain

I personally recommend that you cut off the information


Too much to come in

It ’s not too much, it ’s too much.

Enter only the information you really need


I rarely watch TV

Put in what you think you need, as little as possible

Instead, I’m trying to improve the quality


The word default mode network

A few years ago


I thought it was enough to hear

This is often the cause





For me, this default mode network is

I thought it was like this


Then what is this?

Second organization What is the default mode network?

Idling state

What to do when the brain is not doing anything

It ’s about how much you make


Modern people have too much information and always fully open

I’m always thinking


Yes, that’s too bad

This is also Akan

But with my head

The accelerator is fully open, isn’t it?



On your smartphone during breaks

Check your e-mail, take a break, or play a game from Kayu.

Cause of tiredness


Checking emails on your smartphone

I tend to think that I’m resting

Actually, I also use this brain

It’s always moving



I’m going to rest but it’s always moving like this

Someone who is not good at output


Those who cannot output

Even if I search it, it comes out quite a bit.

I’m writing how to do it


First of all, I think there are few parts to organize

What you need is “to be absent”


For example, everyone has a dream

When you dream

I think there are people who dream with a lot of energy.

To say that you have a dream

That too

What happened in the day

The brain has various combinations.


I’m organizing


So when it’s morning

There are some strange combinations, but

Isn’t there something that turns into an inspiration?


I didn’t think of it

Because my brain is organizing combinations that I never thought of


I don’t know what this is

This arrangement that happens

It ’s very important.


People who can’t output

I wonder if there is no such state

Or maybe there are very few



There is always too much information

With the accelerator fully open

Even if you say that you will output

It’s quite difficult



I’m going to rest

Because my body is resting

I’m going to rest

Not resting


Let’s go

I can’t get tired

I think that’s what it means


It’s the third output

This tells or tells someone

Writing This is my first knowledge


I wrote Hello

That the Tteyuu Hello Hello Hello English is the I’m I say hello


It’s hard to remember even if you try hard to remember it.


The best thing is to teach, right?


Do you know a little

Tteyuu in Tadashi of halo middle-aged me hello in English



At this point, it becomes my knowledge for the first time.



Those who can’t act

I’m afraid I can’t organize 2

I’ll rest

I’ve done my best, so I think it’s important to take a rest next time.


Or there is no more 2nd or 3rd

Focus on the first input


I I halo is Hello

I didn’t have to take a break because I was just studying

Anyway, I have to remember more

I ended up with something like

It’s just an input

It’s hard to get yourself

I have to get tired


This is

Like writing it out on paper

It ’s best for someone


You can give a presentation alone in the room, right?

Like writing on paper

There are many ways to output blogs, sns videos, etc.

There are many people doing it


Output as my knowledge by telling someone I will teach

It will be yours only after you put it out, so if you expand your range


Up to here


I recently started stand FM

What is Staev?

I don’t care about this

I’m just talking about something that doesn’t matter

Please ask if you like


Old man’s daily life

It’s still a tentative title


If this is also advanced

What to do if you can’t get tired here

I wonder if it’s okay to see Staev for the first time

I think it ’s good to be evaluated.

It uses energy there.


What should I do if I’m told this?

Because it hasn’t happened yet

I will do it for the time being regardless of the past or the future


I’m Staev, I’m thinking of trying

I did it right away



This part of thinking is amazing even for those who emphasize input.


This is me too

I think I originally did that type

What should I do in such a case?

I wonder if I can do it well

I really think about it


Because there is a tendency to pull it out


First of all, let’s say it’s poker


I’ll rest



I’ll take a rest

I can come up with a surprising method so I can move forward.



If you leave it as a summary

The world now

Not everyone is bad

It feels like the world is bad


It’s just input.



While people all over the world are disseminating information and various information is flying around


It ’s harder to say that it ’s more input-oriented.

That’s why if you consciously input things, you should cut them off as much as possible.


And before searching for how to output

First of all, I’ll take a break from myself


What should I do with this?


I’m poker, I don’t even think about it

This is very important


The result of ignoring it

It ’s a great thing

It’s the previous podcast

I would like to hear from you if you like.

Pokan is very important. If you can do it, teach yourself or someone as much as you can.


Anyone is fine

Anyone fictitious


We haven’t been there lately

To the old lady of the standing bar

No, the brain is like that

I was talking, so still


I hope it’s good for me


I don’t care what the other person thinks



I can’t get tired

Same place when it comes to the brain

In this case, it ’s the brain, is n’t it?



Please raise or lower only your right arm

You get tired


I can’t get it because I can’t rest where I should rest




Only the right arm

If you use your right arm to rest, you can’t rest, right?


Some people are unaware of the same thing.


I’m tired

Maybe I’m too old


I was thinking


It ’s DMN, right?

Because there are many situations where I’m always thinking about something


Unexpected discoveries if you try to make it as pokan as possible



I specifically like it

Looking at the clouds

I would go to see the sunset


Look at the clouds, the shape of the clouds, like this

Or even if you walk in the neighborhood

Walk on a road you don’t know at all


You can get lost in your neighborhood



Really, buildings are always changing

When I’m wondering if I could do this here


I forget what I usually think about

So you can rest



Unexpectedly tiredness is invisible You can get rid of tiredness and come up with new ideas


I can’t get tired

After all a place to rest

There are times when I think the way to rest is wrong



I’m just a little notice

Masapi21 World is a blog I have been doing for a long time


But I’m still talking

In an excerpt of it


If you are doing Ameba Blog, I wonder if this one is easier to access


“The patch of the sword is also moderate”


Even if you do your best, you say yes, maybe a blog

I am writing an article from another angle



Other podcast Staev youtube

After Pokan

I’m doing various things

There may be some way of sending something like this.


Please refer to it if you like



I can’t get rid of my tiredness

I think that the main thing is to overuse my head.


How to rest your head

I’m doing my best to rest myself


Please try to think about the recommended poker.


Who can

I think it’s like meditating


That’s it for this time

Thank you very much






Over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over
Masapi21 of made as radio






stand FM

It doesn’t matter, but it might be interesting!

Old man’s daily life provisional

Old man's daily life Staev



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Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

The autumn leaves are still blue in Kansai on November 4th.
I wanted to go to Ohara by chance, and I just opened consecutive holidays, and I went to see if it was a good feeling in front of the autumn leaves.

How many years ago did you go there before?

20201104 Autumn leaves

The autumn leaves are probably about next week?

Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

Reseeds and Reasons

It is remembered that I became friends with one person who wore a kimono from Kanto in the season of autumn leaves, and went to eat togethe
There was an image that the bus was crowded and it took quite a long time in the autumn leaves season, and I did not go because there was only a place to see only the vicinity of Sansin, but when I just wanted to relax really on the feeling, I wanted to go to Ohara without a new place.

ItKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104 is Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104strange, but I am very worried whether it is said that it is interesting to have a book about the way of life of Hojo-san recently.

Mr. Cwon-in often went there, but Ohara didn’t become a candidate so much that he should go there again someday.
It su
ddenly made me want to go to Ohara, so I went there as if I wanted to go to that shrine all of a sudden.

It’s not for autumn leaves, it’s not for photography, it’s just when you want to go.
The meaning
is understood later at such a time roughly.

What I felt was where I went

This time, because of the time, we went only to Sansin, Katsubayashi-in, and waterfalls witho
ut sound.
In Sanchiin, I was able to spend quite a relaxing time and talk to the people there
while inging tea.
It was said that Kyoto was returning to the original Kyoto by the influence of the corona, and I t
hought that it was certainly so.
Before I know it, Kyoto’s tourist spots are annoying, and when I wanted to settle down quietly like this time, I think I avoided itKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104 on an unconscious level.

Although the main hall of the Kogakugakuin is small, I climbed up to Fudo-san once and then turned back that I wanted to go again.
Mr. Benten w
ho was in between was good, and there were a lot of places where Ishibutsu and Jizo could sit well, and it seemed to be able to meditate quietly.
thought that I got power very much when I saw the golden immobly.

“I realKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104ly want to relax” I feel that I was able to come true.

I thought about going hKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104ome wiKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104th only 3,000 hospitals by talking while inging tea, but I decided to go because I was worried about Katsubayashi-in by all means and seemed to be in time.
Other than tha
t, I think it’s better when the autumn leaves are more beautiful.

I went without deep prior knowledge, but it was almost chartered and I was likely to stay fore
Amitabha Nyorai-san and the string are connected, and if you have the string, you can connect iKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104t.

Because there is no such thing as paying 300 yen, it might feel sorry if it is a person, but for me, the statement which flows to the main hall when I press a button is very comfortable, and I was grateful.
Then, it was
remembered that it was a place of Ohara question and answer for the first time.

He may have been told to come.

Because there was time of the bus, I went only to the waterfall without sound.

There was no one Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104
because it was a good mountain and there was nothing in particula
I turned back immediately, but the sunset was so beautiful that I remembered the terrible sunset I saw at ObonKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104.

In Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104the old days, people wanted to go to the Pure Land.
Is it
because I wished in the old days that it suddenly came true now while going to the waterfall without sound? I felt that.
eats the one like the dream when seeing from the past person in the feeling like a mere flat cushion when it sees from the present age even if the lord who was in 3,000-in sits, and it uses the means and the method like the dream, and it is long life like t
he dream.
It shouldn’t be anything but thank you.

Oh, please.

This is just a personal record.
Katsubayashi-in recently said that corrosion is progres
I’m asking for a donation for 2000 yen a bite
I would be happy if you could take a look at this place and leave an important culture if you can do it at the reception desk.


Business contact

The URL will change soon.
‘m getting a domain and I’m moving.

I don’t take many videos, so I decide whether to make them o
r not.
I’ve still did princess Yu-yu-4
I’m singing.



le (video service)


Oh, my God.


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I hate it inside of me.

Do you think there’s a part of you that you don’t like?

Thank you for always reading.


(Isn’t there a time when you think your angry face is cute, too?) Figures of)

Well, I think there’s a part of me that I don’t like.

I don’t like myself for being angry at things like this.

I don’t like myself because I don’t have the courage to do it.

I don’t like myself for being upset right away.

No matter how solid a person looks

Do you think I have a part of me that I don’t like?

Of course it’s me too.

I think a lot of people feel they have to fix it.

If it doesn’t work out, you’re the one to blame yourself.

It’s not a part of it, it’s a person who hates everything.

Just think about it a little bit.

The part that I feel that I don’t like

Does anyone feel that they don’t like it?

The way you feel is completely different from person to person.

The part that you feel you hate

I feel like I’m doing it right.

I feel cute.

I feel like I want to protect you

You don’t feel bad about it.

You feel it’s attractive.

You’re feeling jealous.

I think there are a lot of things like that.

It’s not compulsory, like you have to fix it.

You said you don’t have to fix it or you don’t have to fix it.

You have the initiative.

I have room to choose freely.

Turn your consciousness to the part you don’t like

You don’t have to go to a hard and hard place.

The part that I don’t like is forgiven.

It’s better to amplify the good parts.

Long eyes When you look at it from a big point of view

It becomes a form of charm, and it becomes free.

I hate it and love it is a piece of paper.

It’s just a little thing that changes a lot.

It’s only by turning the negation into a positive.

You might be able to discover unexpected charms.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for connecting!

PS: My dream was to come true.

These words are nice, aren’t they?

I got Yuyu’s Poem collection which always likes and gentle comments on this blog and videos.

I read little by little that I want to feel the chosen words carefully.

I’ll link to it, but I’m sorry if it’s sold out.


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Oh, my God.


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Would you like to collaborate i
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It’s helpful, so you can help me! It is possible from the foll

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