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My eyes hurt, my tears come out, I deal with it 20200907

My eyes hurt, my tears come out, I deal with it 20200907

When I woke up in the morning, my left eye hurt and I couldn’t o
pen my eyes.
Because there was a sense of incongruity, I washed it with eyelashes, and when I put eye medicine of tired eyes, I felt extra pain.

I was barely able to use my right eye, so when I looked it up, I thought I should go to the eye clinic.

The cause was conjunctile stones.

My eyes hurt. I'm in tears.

(I used to answer the minimum with confidence.)


It’s best to have an ophthalmologist t
ake it.
However, there seems to be a natural healing when
it is a small thing, too.
If you can’t open your eyes and can’t stop crying, ophthalmology is recommended.


I made a day to reduce PC work because my eyes were getting tired more and more, and the day before I even hit the day, so I read.

They go to bed

I think I might have falln asleep and put pressure on my left eye.

Up to now

I had experienced similar symptoms several times, but after a few hours, my eyelids were heavy, but I thought it was the same this time.


I can’t open my left eye and feel a sense of incongruity.
My eyes hurt
and I can’t stop crying when I try to open it.
If you wash it lig
htly and put over-the-counter eye medicine, the pain will run and you will not be able to stay still.
I doubt f
oreign matter and open it by force and look in the mirror, but there is no change and it hurts for a while just by doing
After that, even if you close your eyes, try not to irritate the pain as much as possible.

I’ve been looking into it.

Most of the contents such as going to the op
Warming, cooling, but it seems to be counterproductive and difficult to judge depending on the symptoms


I can’t open it and I can’t stop crying, so I go with my eyes.
be examined for one’s
Specifically, the back o
f the eyeball and eyelid can be seen, and conjunctile stones are found on the back of the eyelid.

He took a picture of me and showed it to me, so I checked it with one ey
It is finished to have it take on the spot.


I imagined that it was quite scary to be held in the eye.
My eyesight was slight
ly different, so I tended to overwork my left eye, so I thought it was the cause.
The examination of the
eye was not accustomed, but the teacher checked the back of the eyelid while adjusting the position of the eyeball by looking down and looking up,
There was pain in opening the eyes, but almost no pain in treatment.
When I looked at
the picture, it was shaped like a work, and when it rubbed into my eyeball and it caused pain, I received an explanation and was told that I would take it on the spot.

I think that it worried when it becomes later because it is bibi.

Because it said that it was anesthetized, it was an act of mere eye medicine.
It was said
that it soaked a little, and it was soaked, but it came to be able to open eyes after that, and it was surprised.

It seemed to turn over the bag by the flow, and the teacher pasted it with the one like the tape and t
ook it.
I didn’t have any pain in that.

It was easier than I expected.

However, there are several conj
unctile stones on the back of the eyelids of both eyes
The only thing I took this time was one with a big left eye.
It seems
to be able to take it naturally if it is a light thing like the constitution
as a cause.
I was asked to come when it hurts in the same way again in the future, but there seems to be no countermeasure.


a white or yellowish hard-feeling sand granular spot on the surface of the eyelid conjunctile
I feel
pain and discomfort when this comes out on the surface like a work.
I think that it
is good to go to the eye clinic immediately because it was all right even for me who is scared (maybe so far) to be able to take it naturally by washing eyes and tears.
It was not especially in my case as a med
icine, and it was prescribed eye medicine of dry eye when I went with tired eyes before, and it was said that it put it out a little more.

I think that it is not necessary to worry so much if there are not so many symptoms because there seems to be the thing which does not become the object of treatment if there is no discomfort and pain in the treatment.
However, I think that it
is better to go to the ophthalmologist when I feel abnormal like this time.

It is not a scary thing because it is the extent to which the eyelid is turned over by the eye medicine, etc. is scared because the word such as the removal and the operation comes out.


Social insurance: 30%

Ophthalmology examination Removal, etc.
total less than 2000 yen
4 bottles 700 yen
(It is OK only when eyes are dry.)


The other day, two polyps were removed with c
One of them is malignant and there is a risk of cancer, so it was good to take it! And this time I look at the arr
ow that began intestinal activity! Feelings such as
I don’t need something I don’t need.

Is this because of your age?

I thought that I might not know who it was when I put on an eye band and put on a mask.

I think I’m losing a lot of money when I’m handsome.

Because it is usually used with emphasis on the left e
ye, movement is not easy if it is not used.
I thought I knew it was human beings who wouldn’t re
alize the importance of it if it wasn’t lost.
Well, I thought I had a good experience.



pple (video service)

Oh, my God.


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Spiritual or invisible 20200902 Day of Pardon

Spiritual or invisible 20200902 Day of Pardon

I mentioned what happened in August the other day, but I didn’t write it because I wanted to know if I wanted to tell so
However, when I see myself in the future, I feel like I need to write down the details that happened at this time so that I can remember them.
think it was a part of me that wouldn’t normally show or say to anyone.

Because there is a part that was not written last time, I will write it down.

Mingse Shrine

Spiritual system

Spirituals are still not very good at i
I hate abstract expressions and selfish decisions that I don’t understand, and I remember crying my teacher many
times before.
I know why I was so close to crying.

That’s because if you don’t explain it to everyone in an easy-to-understand manner, there wil
l be a significant decrease in the number of people who can save it.
I think that’s why I was so oversly packed on behalf of him.

I have an aversion to things I can’t see or prove, and even if I feel it myself, I’ve always treated it as something I shouldn’t say in my heart.

It got off suddenly around the middle of August.

It was strangely easy for me to t
hink, “You don’t have to resist.”
It was not the one that thought out that there was an event that triggered it, but it got off suddenly somehow.

I think that it feels a role to write down such a t
The beginning and the end are emphasized in everything, but the detailed course is likely to be missed, and I think that the part that a person needs is actually the course of such a concrete change.

It seems that it is important and necessary in it that it is not my word while describing it by oneself, and the one which had been completely denied and canceled before.

I feel that it became much easier whether it was a burden than
I thought to hide it.
To be honest, I still don’t want to be the kind of person who says funny things, but I think some people feel relieved to see such subtle times.

The stage has changed.

I don’t even know what it means and I don’t want to understand it, but I think it’s the most right word.
There is a sense that
many people and things are separated, and on the contrary, new people and things feel a little strange, and I feel that what I have been ingerning about until now has moved to a place where it is not accepting or unn
ecessary at all.
Of course, it is not physically separated, but the sense of distance and values have changed overwhelmingly, and what should have been fun above all is in a state of no interest at all.

I think that it is similar to the one that I who became an adult no longer feels much pleasure in the swing of the park which was so excited.

I think that it is meaningful because it moved with intuiti
on emphasis in August rather than thinking with the head.
I don’t know why I’m saying that, like the “intuition period” that I’ve repeatedly done in the past, but later on I felt that it had a very i
mportant meaning.
Now I’m following it.

When I went to see the scenery somehow, including messages from movies and videos, it seems to be in a state that is very easy to receiv
Maybe it’s because they think, “I’m not going to deny it.”

a caught word

There are a lot of things that come out when the word or the nuance which is caught in the message is
I’m not sure why it comes out, but I have a sense of strange comfort or a sense of being convinced.
Some of them don’t even know the meaning of words and hear them for the first time.

view, parallel world, leadership

These three come out re
ally well.
Again, such a level.

When words such as soul level or body level come out, I think that it is probably not my word now.
What are you
talking about from your point of view? There are times when I think, but it seems to fit the person who needs it.
is also one of the ways to communicate, and there may not be a standard for right and wrong.

The black part

What do you do with the black part as the part you want to know and the part you need? I’m worried about what p
eople in the past were doing.
I don’t know much about the work of light, but how did people who did and communicated such things in the past handle such shadow parts at
the human world level?
When I was feeling that way, the movie I saw by intuition was “Letter from Mother Teresa.”

While smiling in front of people, he seemed to think that he had been forsyed away from God, so what was sh
e doing? I was worried about.
Teacher? It seems to have written a letter to , but I wondered if this was similar to writing in my bl
og or notebook.
I’m not worried about Mother Teresa, but how to handle the black part to th
e last.
Because it is a human being, and I think that the stronger the light, the more shadow
I don’t think I’ve seen much literature describing such a part.
It might be more so because it is a part that I did not care about originally.

What to leave behind and the world

It is a keyword in me that I leave it.
It’s not just for me,
it’s not just about me, the situation is shifting to that kind of thing.
I don’t care about the deta
ils because it doesn’t matter what the evaluations and standards of the world are, and I feel like I’m looking at a more magnifi
cent world.
More and more people are thinking and consulting about things and methods that need to be left b
ehind in the future.
It’s not at the level of being understood or not right now, but what to leave behind and how to leave i
t seems to be a big challenge.
No matter who you’re for, what you need, or what you don’t need, what do you do? Only th
at part is closed up.
By changing the scale overwhelmingly rather than short-term, the essence is looking very clear.

What are you doing?

What the hell are you doing when you write something like this, or you want to go all of
a sudden?
The number of things tha
t I think has increased rapidly.
But I don’t think you have to go again
st it and you don’t have to understand it.
It is already at a level that doesn’t matter whether someone sees it or reacts to it by describing it, and even if it is a strange fellow, I know that the standard or “normal” depends on the envir
onment and the times.
It wasn’t my first time at this time of year, but I’ve experienced it several times, and I remem
ber that there was a deep meaning to it.

I feel that all I have to do now is leave what I want to leave like this.

That’s right, without denying it.

August Masapi21 Summary

August Masapi21 Summary

I feel like there’s changed in August 2020, so it’s a personal record.
It seems to be sa
id this and that in the celestial body and its neighborhood, but what I felt personally to the last

Mingse Shrine


Start an activity in a different pattern to make a change of be
I’m going to focus on things I’ve never been or done as much as I can.
ive more messages from Oracle card readings
The eyewitness rate is as high as
ever, changing, okay, being by my side, leadership, seeing a lot of things that are going well.
The feeling of being returned to the
past Begins to feel like a time to remember something you’ve forgotten
I’ll c
lean it up and settle down when I do it.
I fee
l like I’m getting ready to accept something.
don’t think I’ve received a message very many times.


I start to worry about shrines and power spot-like things.
g that there was a similar period in the past
We don’t se
nd Obon in a different way every year, but we pick it up.
For some
reason, I want to thank you very much this y
I want to go to places where my grandparents were, such as Kyoto and Nara, and show them the pre
sent through myself.
I receive a message that I have achieved it even if I don’t work hard any more, and I l
eave the PC work for a while.
The moment you think so, the monitor b
reaks and you get a new one.
Meet people you’ve for
I don’t feel like going to a PC, but I want to go to a shrine with nature.
I’ve b
een walking a lot, I’m going to look for something new, but what I’ve seen has been a point I know in the past.
begin to connect again with an im
portant edge
I feel that it flows natur
ally even if I do not have power.
I think that it
might have been powered by the intention that it was not strong up to now.


I start to think about what I can do to please myself.
There is a
different way of behavior than ever before.
re is also an invitation from a person who has been around for years, and they m
eet again.
Change the concept of time by thoroughly not
working hard
I didn’t go to yoga last month or t
his month.
I feel like it’s time to look for something impor
It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s a matter of priority, and I feel l
ike I’m serious about something.
There is work by all means becoming the last one, and the work such as the video up etc.
starts from toward the PC.
More conscious of how to communicate and phrases than us
ual, notes, etc. will increase immediately
I’m not out of it. I don’t think I’m going to catc
h up, but I feel like I’m okay.
I feel great joy that I have experienced things that I ha
ve experienced for granted in the past.
What you want to be and what you have
to leave behind is important.
You’ll be able to see something completely differe
nt from what you’ve seen before.
I think that the person who i
s connected now is important in t
he future.
Values are changing.
It is said that it is a new st
age, and it fits strangely.
The way we use the day is changing dramatically. 

The essence looks very clear.


Colonoscopy One of the two polyps was malignant but can be safely removed.
a new monitor
Acupuncture t
eacher and dinner
recognize that I need to think about how to think about what needs to
be left behind.
I remember a lot of things in Kyoto, Na
ra, Takarazuka, etc.
Go to Spockcha, do inline skating, badminton, soccer, etc. and eat yakiniku.
can clearly see your satisfaction and how you spend your money.


A different feeling tha
n before
I feel like I’ve come to see what I need to do, or it’s been mater
I feel like my position is completely different
I feel that the flow has changed a lo
I feel overwhelmingly well protected.
I feel good
while feeling rather than thinking with my head what I’m going to convey and how to leave it b
What do you think is the strange sense of security and the presence of blur?