The Cruelst Treat in the World

It's the cruelst thing in the world, and you're going to harm your opponent.

I don't know if I'm going to do something about them.

What do you think of the other person?

It's not really that level,

I think it's something to forget.

No matter how nice the time,

No matter how disgusting the time,

No matter what time you spend,

It's not a level that I remember because of something.

I forget it so much that I can't even remember it.

That's the cruelest thing to do.

It may be something you've been doing before you know it.

I'll never forget it.

I definitely want to remember it.


I should have thought so.

I don't have anything to remember.

You can do the most cruel thing in the world,

You've been treated the hardiesst in the world.


I think this moment may be the most important thing.

Thank you.