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2021 Kyoto Sakura Philosophy Road Video

It’s late, but I uploaded it to the Sakura video Youtube in Kyoto.

This is the sub-channel.

I can’t go out for a while, but please enjoy it even if you feel like taking a leisurely walk!



Take a
leisurely stroll in the spring of 2021
See the links below for more information and locations on the Philosophy Road. I hope that everyone
who likes
Kyoto and who doesn’t know Kyoto can
spend their time comfortably.




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I wonder if there are many decent people

I wonder if there are many decent people

It’s just something I felt, so it doesn’t help at all.


(I’m not swayed by numbers! Right?)




Sometimes I go to check out Ameba Blog, which I’ve been away from recently

When I was updating every day, I thought it was different and I left it updated once a month

Even so, every time I see it, the number of readers and likes increases and I’m confused.




I wrote the latest article, “Isn’t it hard to hold it alone?” For those who really hold it and can’t say “help”.

Many of the people who come are counselors and healers.


On their blog,


“Let’s find something exciting”


“Become your true self”


“To attract happiness”


That kind of thing is written






I think it’s a little different from the outside and the inside

Well, some people use it for output

I thought about that





After all, there are many
people who are decent, and I think that there are also people who are overdoing while having a normal face.





I received a happy message,
“Thank you, I want to convey it.”
And I was happy that it was written that I would move forward again.





I’m grateful to receive messages from people who can’t like or comment from a standpoint.






I’m really wondering how my Ameba blog gets there someday


Well, if someone suddenly feels comfortable, that’s enough.








30% batter is amazing

You may be aware that it would be too great if a perfectionist could do 30%.






What to do when you are not motivated Brain control

What to do when you are not motivated Brain control

It will be a podcast update after a long time.

As part of self-control, we briefly explain the story of the globus pallidus and how to turn on the motivation switch.


Youtube video link


Amazon has joined the ranks.

The previous delivery is boring so you don’t have to ask.





Masapi 21 I see radio


In this show

Beginning in the head of 21

Things and lifestyles that blogs can’t tell you

Psychology Brain Science Attract

Many people think about the subconscious

Listen while relaxing the points etc.

In a style that you can

I would like to send it fluffy



Because it is an extension of soliloquy

I hope you can listen to me




This is Masapi 21

What to do when you are not motivated

From the perspective of brain control

I would like to talk a little



As a result, there are two



One is “I don’t do it at all”

I can’t do that for a moment

I don’t want to do it, but it’s amazing

If you force it

You’re going to hate me

When it overlaps

I should have liked it

Before I knew it

Because it will be

I won’t do it today at all

I won’t do it until I feel like it

This is one way, right?




Another one

It means “start doing”



Start doing this

If anything

Even if you don’t want to do it

Some things I have to do

I think there is

About starting to do

I’d like to talk a little

From a brain point of view, work excitement when you start doing

Is about to begin




I think I have some experience

Clean up

It’s a hassle even if I’m told


Even if you think about it, just wipe the table

I don’t know if I wipe the table

Turn the closet over

It’s a great cleaning.





I was thinking of polishing only here in the bath

It looks like it’s shiny all over the house

I’m excited to start doing it

It means that it has started




To make it happen

How the brain

I’m talking about manipulating it

About the back of the eyebrows

There is a part called a globus pallidus




The globus pallidus is heavy and does not move easily

This is the motivation switch



In the company

The president of a big company like the president

For example, how many light bulbs are out

There was such a complaint from the customer

Doesn’t it correspond to all of them one by one?



When I say when it comes out, I come out

I say I’m going

It will come out at an important time

Isn’t it



The globus pallidus is like that

After all various things overlap

It’s the turn

If it comes out

It will motivate you




The easiest thing is to “start doing”


There are about 4 elements

In the brain, it’s the motor cortex.



“Start moving”

I wish I could move my body

I’ll do it



“Do something different than usual”

Different from usual

I’m a little shocked

In my brain, I’ll always do it

That’s not the case

I do it almost unconsciously

Even a little different from usual

Even the president of the company

Somehow it’s completely different today

If you think about it

You’re conscious

This is Kaiba



Next is “there is a reward”

When you say a reward

With visible rewards

There is an invisible reward

I will omit this time, but good morning

There seems to be a reward

When thinking about this reward

Let’s do it a little 




It’s close to a “Narikiru” reward, though.

I’m longing for it

I’m in motivation mode


It’s like karaoke.

I want to be such a person

I feel like I’m cool


“Narikiru” that seems to be getting closer

I say



If there are about these four elements

Globus pallidus is my turn


I’m really motivated



Not much of these four

All really four

You should be aware of everything




To put it really simply

“I’ll give it a try”

Because there is a high possibility that it will move

Most likely to be motivated




I “do not do it at all” or “start doing it”

Either way

“Start doing” is decided to be 5 minutes



5 minutes

For example, do sit-ups

If you say

Put out the stand and only 10 times

I think that’s okay



5 minutes

Surprisingly if you start doing it even 10 times

I wonder if I’ll do it 10 more times

I thought it was only 5 minutes

I can do it better than I expected

A little longer

I wonder if it will be stretched in an hour

If you repeat at that point

The motivation switch is turned on

It’s going to be really fast.



So as a brain control

When I’m not motivated

“Do not do it at all” or “Start doing it”

I think this is the point



For example, what about the motor cortex?

How about the hippocampus

Set aside that side

For the time being, if you try with these two

I wonder if it’s okay

What do you think




“I will not do it at all”

Is also recommended

Those who connect to me

The same is true for blogs, and for others

As with other media

Because many people try too hard

Even if you hit the ass so much

“I don’t do it at all”

I think there is




Or really throw it away

What I think I have to do

To reduce more and more

I think it’s important

I also added “I will not do it at all”




I hope it will be helpful




podcast delivery

It’s been a long time, isn’t it?

I decided not to do it at all

I don’t think I’ll do it until I get motivated



I feel like talking a little

It’s been a long time since it was recorded



Staev can’t help every day

I’m updating

Please ask if you like




That’s all for today.




I will upload this to youtube for the time being

Youtube video link



Transcription is quite troublesome

I think I’ll do it if I feel like it



When I’m not motivated

Remedy “Do not do it at all”

“Start doing a little”

This will move the globus pallidus of the brain.

That’s all for today



Then it was Masapi 21





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