How to cope when your wish doesn’t come true

자신의 꿈을 명확히 정하고 그를 위해 행동하자. 인터넷에서 주문한 물건처럼 기다리면 결국 도착할 거야. 너무 조급해하지 말고 다른 일에 열중하자. 꿈은 가치있으니까 시간이 좀 걸린다고 해서 포기하지 말자. 언젠가 깜짝 놀랄 만큼 이루어질 수 있다

[Ado] New Era X Perfume “Electro World MV”

Ado's cool new era and Perfume's famous song "Electro World" MV are combined. In 2013, this view of the world is alread...

a chance

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(Low self-affirmation) Just ask me to do it

I think there are times when I feel sorry for the inconvenience. (Figure of Peek-a-boo) By the way, I think ther...

It doesn’t come true

I think there are times when your goals and wishes don't come true and you go back and forth. (Figure of yoga) By th...

Somehow people leave

Well, I think there are times when the sense of distance changes and you feel lonely. (I enjoyed playing horses) ...