I don’t know who I really am What should I do?

I don’t know who I really am What should I do?

Do you think there are times when you can’t show yourself?


real me

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I really want to do this, but I’m worried about people’s eyes

I really want to be that way, but I’m scared when criticized

I give up compared to what I really want to be

That’s how I care about the reaction around me

When you can’t show your true self

Be confused, frustrated, or lethargic






The stakes that come out are struck

but but

Even a stake that doesn’t come out can be struck






No matter how wonderful

Those who praise praise and those who
criticize criticize

People’s likes and dislikes are not something that can be done






Don’t be afraid to cover your patience and feelings

Hurt your true self

Kill feelings

I decided I didn’t

To say that even the existence is denied






Eventually you lose sight of yourself and you don’t even know who you really are






That’s because others live on the axis of others

What you need is your own axis centered on what you think

You are the center of your life






How many people are saying “everyone is so!”

Rather than being overwhelmed by comparing in a small shell

Because I value how I feel

I think you can connect with people who need your personality







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