I wonder if there are many decent people

I wonder if there are many decent people

It’s just something I felt, so it doesn’t help at all.


(I’m not swayed by numbers! Right?)




Sometimes I go to check out Ameba Blog, which I’ve been away from recently

When I was updating every day, I thought it was different and I left it updated once a month

Even so, every time I see it, the number of readers and likes increases and I’m confused.




I wrote the latest article, “Isn’t it hard to hold it alone?” For those who really hold it and can’t say “help”.

Many of the people who come are counselors and healers.


On their blog,


“Let’s find something exciting”


“Become your true self”


“To attract happiness”


That kind of thing is written






I think it’s a little different from the outside and the inside

Well, some people use it for output

I thought about that





After all, there are many
people who are decent, and I think that there are also people who are overdoing while having a normal face.





I received a happy message,
“Thank you, I want to convey it.”
And I was happy that it was written that I would move forward again.





I’m grateful to receive messages from people who can’t like or comment from a standpoint.






I’m really wondering how my Ameba blog gets there someday


Well, if someone suddenly feels comfortable, that’s enough.








30% batter is amazing

You may be aware that it would be too great if a perfectionist could do 30%.