Connection between my tattoo and the temple 20210117

Connection between my tattoo and the temple 20210117

Finger tattoos I put in a dozen years ago

To be honest, I was surprised myself and still don’t know what I was thinking at that time.

I was just happy and decided to do something

And I remember it was sudden


A record of what I suddenly noticed yesterday, leaving behind the background of the tattoo


I learned that there is a deep connection between Chion-in and Toji in 20210116.

I said I knew it, or I thought I knew it because it was connected all the time


However, I got a hint from the Buddha statue there


Chion-in is Amida Nyorai

Toji-san is Fudo Myoo-san


It’s the same as it’s on your finger.


I think Amida Nyorai-san was probably included in Amida Nyorai-san and Jodo-shu sect.

I think I didn’t really understand why he was Fudo


Because I like it somehow?

I thought it vaguely like that, but Toji-san is a very meaningful place in his garden when he was a kid.

And feel very calm and go regularly and a special place


I don’t know much about Buddhism, but it’s just comfortable

And Chion-in is paternal and Toji is maternal

I was born in the meantime


I felt that there was something deep about it when I positioned it that way.


Was right next to me

I fell in love with that.



About how to convey

Future era

I think it will be difficult for people who are laughing at people’s dreams to live

People who are swayed by people’s opinions and criticize are people who do not have themselves after all


I barely keep myself by criticizing

So staying in a safe zone


May be good now

And evaluation from others is still considered important


Why don’t you realize that being swayed by such things simply satisfies your approval needs? I think it’s still such an era


In the near future, things like this will turn into value

I think it’s close to a dream, but when you say a dream, everyone will think exaggeratedly.


How do you convey that?


In any case, I think it’s a status to compare how I live in this life with someone, and to have it properly apart from what I can’t do, and I think the times are moving.


Just like a child would say, if you can’t answer “what role do you want to play?”, You won’t be able to participate in the play. I think I’m in a hurry because I can’t answer when I’m swayed and asked.


The words that criticized or made a fool of “what people want to do” will come back to me and I will not even be able to move.


It’s something I’m creating, not being told, but I think it’s hard to get out of it


When will you notice it?

In a sense, it may be a victim of a calculated internet society

How do you save those people in the future? I think we need to think ahead



About telling

There were real encounters on past sites and they were deeply connected

I might have been asking for it again before I knew it

Maybe it just wanted to flock


I was just thinking about how to convey it, but I realized that it was different


People were connected at that time because they exposed everything that was real, not from above.

I thought I knew it in my head, but it’s not a negative thought like I was in the past

When I think about what to do now that my stage has changed

I thought about making it a novel and letting the characters speak

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to make now



It is also important to convey in words and expressions


I noticed another way


It’s to show up

I think this was something I could have done in the past

I think that what I’m writing now is to show myself at this stage, and I’m thinking of increasing it a little.


When you want to convey the deep part

You don’t have to tell


Just write as you feel in your own words

I thought it was important to show up without writing


Each person who receives it feels differently and has a different level

That’s why some people don’t receive it there.


It’s similar to when to watch a book or movie, and I thought it would be good if I could become the work without forcing it.


Something different from what I expressed

I realized that it was necessary and that it touched my heart.



Not needed by anyone

Not needed by anyone

What can I do for someone who can’t find value in such a thing or as an obstacle to me?

Think about it lately


I think I want to tell you because it’s not worth it and I’ve fallen into it and suffered

I have some thoughts, but I’m still absent-minded

I feel like I need to hurry


I posted an article on it the other day, but I feel that Ameba has a slightly different attribute.


It’s important that you want to say this, but it’s also important what the other person thinks

Perhaps I know both as an experiencer


All you need is verbalization and materialization


Apparently I’m trying this even if I’m having a hard time in that part




It seems that flocking is still important

And people want to flock


However, the beginning and the end will be one

I also want you to understand the difference between loneliness and isolation.

I think that the state of emergency is issued and it is being pointed out what to do as an “individual” and to flock again.

Weak people who want to flock will flock even with cowardly hands

I think I’m barely keeping my existence by criticizing something now


It can’t be helped

However, even among them, I think that I can make the state as it is at the beginning, and in the end I will be asked what I want to do

It will be faster than you feel in a matter of time

Many people will suffer from it.

Is there a good way to guide them?

I feel that it is changing at a speed that I can not make it in time unless I prepare it from now on

As it has been for a long time, the people who are targeted by themselves

Not someone who can learn from you or someone who can move from you

I know he’s the one who stays in the pit and gives up without knowing what to do


By the time they notice, the world has changed and it may be too late

Difficult to pull out of being too late


However, I think that it is suitable for me because it is difficult and I feel like I can do something

Don’t be a chubby knowledge fat

I want to drop the story to a lower level than I think and pull up as many as possible


I don’t want to leave anyone if desired

What is the best for that?



I’ve been thinking about that for the last few days

Personal record with just a head clean


Described in 20210117