About gratitude #Podcast # 009

Things that are often overlooked by gratitude Masapi21 I see radio #Podcast # 009

It is said that it is important to be grateful even in the law of attraction, isn’t it?
I think some people are consciously trying to be grateful.

I just made it a voice because there are some parts that I don’t want you to forget.


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Masapi 21 I see radio


In this program

Things and lifestyles that can’t be told on the blog, including in Masapi 21’s head

Psychology Brain science Attracting subconscious, etc.

Points that many people think about

I would like to send it in a style that can be heard while


Because it is an extension of soliloquy

Listen to me

I hope you can



By gratitude

Because it’s easy to overlook

I want to talk a little today

I think


Let’s thank that

You should be grateful

I think there is something like that


About thanks

I would like to talk in detail separately.


It ’s something that is often overlooked.

I would like to focus on the theme


I’m grateful

When thank you

I think there is a way for each person to thank each other.


Somehow as a form

Some people thank heaven

God or Buddha

Or the universe

Like an angel


I feel like thank you for what’s important to you


What if

Even a strange guru

I don’t mind

I am

I don’t mind if I’m happy


It’s like continuing to be grateful for even the smallest things attracts more and more happiness.

I may be told

I actually think so


For example, some kind of reward

I’m happy even when there is extra income

Or don’t just say



Exaggerated on purpose

If you do something that makes you very happy

It’s surprising that the number of things will increase steadily.


After all

What happened

Things and so on

It’s the direction to look

Or something

To be grateful


I wonder if it’s also a way to live comfortably


When it comes to gratitude

I think it’s true that it attracts more and more happiness.


Some people can thank

Some people say that’s not the case

The part that is often overlooked


The part of today’s story is that I haven’t overlooked it here.


Do you say thank you to yourself?


Especially that

Thank you for yourself in the past



God Buddha Somehow I want to see the universe

I’d like to thank the angel

Outward thanks, of course

It’s important


Not just there

I would like to thank myself at that time


What I am there

I think there are many people who have forgotten a little


I was that type too


Speaking of myself

I especially thank myself in the past


It’s not worth doing anything

But that’s not the case now

The fact that happy things happened

After all, it’s a series of choices, isn’t it?


With the once-in-a-lifetime meeting

If something goes wrong

I didn’t get into that situation


I’m going to the right today

Things that don’t go to the left

It ’s really trivial, is n’t it?


That’s what I’m doing now at the top of the series I’ve chosen.

Thinking about it like that, I chose it too

I feel like I’m thankful for myself in the past

I’m wondering if there is any


Meet someone

It was amazing

Happiness like saying that I’m glad I met this person


Or something tension goes up

I got extra income

I was told that I was happy

I was given something

I got something good


This can be a word, right?

Even if you do something like you got something

After all, I was the one who walked toward that point.


of course

There may be things that can be guided.


I think there is such a thing

However, I am still the one who made that decision.

It also moved

It ’s like I did it there

I don’t think that’s good

I was in pain because of that too




Even if you have a lot of power, humans will refuse it.

I hate changing


But I am

By choosing it

For myself who moved in the past


Good luck

Thank you very much


I think it’s okay to say thanks to you


I said it, so I can’t say it


I should have a lot of people to thank

In there

I think it’s okay to mix myself like this


Thank others

Those who can say

I think there are people who can’t

I think some people are practicing now

One by one

To be taken for granted

It ’s not natural


This time there was something corona

I was able to do things like going out normally, but now I can’t do it


I don’t lose people

I don’t really understand its importance

For example, if you are satisfied with your five bodies, your body will move.


Even if you do

When it becomes commonplace

I’m worried about something else

Anything like corona

It’s like you can’t breathe on your own


I’m really thankful for just breathing now.



But it’s easy to forget that

Until now

Don’t compare with people

While saying something in my own way


It ’s a tough thing

I think it was a painful thing


Not big or small compared to someone

I did my best when I thought I was really disgusted

I don’t hate it, but it was really tough, wasn’t it?

I think there are various things


Even though it’s kind of moody

I want to get out of here

I think there was something that I tried to overcome.


Somehow, wrap it up

Why is it at the top now?



This one

The timing to thank

To say that you have an experience

I also cooperate with myself in the past


Of course around that

Thank you for being invisible

That’s also important


You say yourself in that

Because it is relatively left behind


I’m already with you

It doesn’t matter if it’s God or Buddha


I’m grateful for what I think is important and what I think was supported

People around this are fine

I want you to mix yourself in saying thank you and thank you


I think it’s a higher rank


I think it’s very important to thank the outside world.


Don’t forget to thank yourself


Thank you

When both are hit

I say it brings happiness


I think it’s one of the attractions

When you say attract

Depending on the person, there are some people who have a bad smell.


If anything

I am also that group



What you are saying

I think that’s really true.

In the part of gratitude


I’m thinking of talking, so I’ll shorten it this time.


What would you think if you were grateful


Well tentatively God

I’ll give someone something


If you are more pleased than you think

Should I do more?


I’m really small

It ’s a trivial matter

I’m a little overjoyed

I think it’s the best


That’s what attracts you

Happiness more and more


If you’re so happy

I want to do more


I gave you something

If you say it’s not good

Then another person will come



I think it’s the same with the outside world.


I wonder if it’s an invisible existence

I’m not that much

I’m not a spy person

I’m not sure


After all

What if I said when I was standing over there

I’m only doing this

If you tell me you’re really happy

Isn’t it more?

I think there is such a thing


I think this is the same for myself


This is me today

What is the most important point to say?


I’m only doing this

Or I did my best

I don’t admit anything

Thank you for your past self


I have this happy position right now

I’m really in the past

It was painful at that time too

Thank you for enduring


I’m grateful to you

I do the same

I think it will be more


This also attracts happiness

Not just happiness

I think it’s one of the things to attract


By saying yes

It’s easy to forget and overlook because of gratitude.

It ’s important to be grateful,

It ’s a little overlooked.


If you try to mix yourself up a notch, I think it’s a little interesting life

I wonder if something good will happen more and more.


See you again


let’s meet



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