I can’t see the future

I can’t see the future

By the way, do you think that there are times when you can’t see the future and feel uneasy?





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(No? I can see what I can see!)



By the way, do you think that there are times when you can’t see the future and feel uneasy?

It may be especially common at this time,

Some people may say it’s pitch black.






No one can see the future







When I think about it, I can only imagine what I can see.

And because of that imagination, I often get off guard.

Like a sudden disaster or accident

The damage is greater when I imagine it is safe.






The fact that you can’t see the future means

You can see the current situation without soaring.






In total darkness

For those who can proceed slowly

It can be accelerated with just a little light.

Instead of chasing the invisible

If you concentrate only now,

I notice that my feet are brighter than I expected.







The default is that you cannot see the destination

Anxiety is a sign of movement

There is no guarantee that the destination of the deception

People who can’t see may be able to enjoy now ~








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