Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

京都紅葉 大原 20201104

Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

The autumn leaves are still blue in Kansai on November 4th.
I wanted to go to Ohara by chance, and I just opened consecutive holidays, and I went to see if it was a good feeling in front of the autumn leaves.

How many years ago did you go there before?

20201104 Autumn leaves

The autumn leaves are probably about next week?

Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

Reseeds and Reasons

It is remembered that I became friends with one person who wore a kimono from Kanto in the season of autumn leaves, and went to eat togethe
There was an image that the bus was crowded and it took quite a long time in the autumn leaves season, and I did not go because there was only a place to see only the vicinity of Sansin, but when I just wanted to relax really on the feeling, I wanted to go to Ohara without a new place.

ItKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104 is Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104strange, but I am very worried whether it is said that it is interesting to have a book about the way of life of Hojo-san recently.

Mr. Cwon-in often went there, but Ohara didn’t become a candidate so much that he should go there again someday.
It su
ddenly made me want to go to Ohara, so I went there as if I wanted to go to that shrine all of a sudden.

It’s not for autumn leaves, it’s not for photography, it’s just when you want to go.
The meaning
is understood later at such a time roughly.

What I felt was where I went

This time, because of the time, we went only to Sansin, Katsubayashi-in, and waterfalls witho
ut sound.
In Sanchiin, I was able to spend quite a relaxing time and talk to the people there
while inging tea.
It was said that Kyoto was returning to the original Kyoto by the influence of the corona, and I t
hought that it was certainly so.
Before I know it, Kyoto’s tourist spots are annoying, and when I wanted to settle down quietly like this time, I think I avoided itKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104 on an unconscious level.

Although the main hall of the Kogakugakuin is small, I climbed up to Fudo-san once and then turned back that I wanted to go again.
Mr. Benten w
ho was in between was good, and there were a lot of places where Ishibutsu and Jizo could sit well, and it seemed to be able to meditate quietly.
thought that I got power very much when I saw the golden immobly.

“I realKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104ly want to relax” I feel that I was able to come true.

I thought about going hKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104ome wiKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104th only 3,000 hospitals by talking while inging tea, but I decided to go because I was worried about Katsubayashi-in by all means and seemed to be in time.
Other than tha
t, I think it’s better when the autumn leaves are more beautiful.

I went without deep prior knowledge, but it was almost chartered and I was likely to stay fore
Amitabha Nyorai-san and the string are connected, and if you have the string, you can connect iKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104t.

Because there is no such thing as paying 300 yen, it might feel sorry if it is a person, but for me, the statement which flows to the main hall when I press a button is very comfortable, and I was grateful.
Then, it was
remembered that it was a place of Ohara question and answer for the first time.

He may have been told to come.

Because there was time of the bus, I went only to the waterfall without sound.

There was no one Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104
because it was a good mountain and there was nothing in particula
I turned back immediately, but the sunset was so beautiful that I remembered the terrible sunset I saw at ObonKyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104.

In Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104the old days, people wanted to go to the Pure Land.
Is it
because I wished in the old days that it suddenly came true now while going to the waterfall without sound? I felt that.
eats the one like the dream when seeing from the past person in the feeling like a mere flat cushion when it sees from the present age even if the lord who was in 3,000-in sits, and it uses the means and the method like the dream, and it is long life like t
he dream.
It shouldn’t be anything but thank you.

Oh, please.

This is just a personal record.
Katsubayashi-in recently said that corrosion is progres
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