(2020) I went to Katsuki Onen Shrine! How to get there from Osaka Vlog

I went to Katsuki Gonen Shrine! How to get there from Osaka

20200825 I went to Katsuki Onen Shrine which I was worried about at the end of summer.

It was my first time, but it was very comfortable and I was warm for abo
ut an hour.
I had a feel that I was taught that human beings are only a part of nature.

It was so good that I want to go therKatsuki Gosen Shrinee again.

YouTube Videos

The video of the atmosphere How to get from Osaka is in this video.

A certain “princess” is

I met Princess 20200913 kukurihime


Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line from Abenobashi S
tation to Yoshino
Transfer to Gosho Station at Shakudo Station

Get off
at Koden bus stop from Gosho Station.
10 mins walk

I forgot wher
e the bus was going.
The information office at Gosho Station w
as very kind to me.
I’ve come at
the right time.
That bus! I got on what I was told.

By the way, I walked back.
If you
don’t have a hard time walking for less
than an hour
I think that it is good to be while enjoying the nature of Nara.

Homepages, etc.

Gosen Shrine

Facilities, etc.

Parking lot, toilet, smoking area?
There is a bench in the precincts.

There are cafes on an irregu
lar basis.
It was closed when I went there.

If there is a coffee shop, such as a seal, there is it
If it is closed, it will be in the
It is in the same as the notebook etc.

Why did you go?

I don’t know why(#^.^#)

I don’t think it’s going to end there, so I’m going to write a brief description of
how it happened.
What will happen to shrines and temples that ar
e suddenly disappearing?
That’s why I thought about it.

The important place left by my for
eer is disappearing.
Is it really a natural flow, or is it something you
can’t do?
That’s how I felt.

I can’t say it in a loud voice, but my relative’s shrine in my country is becoming just like that.

Maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of seeing what I’m going to do because I’m worried about my relatives.

The keywords that came out there were keywords such as abandoned shrines and abandoned temples.

I found it in the feeling that I can not finish it somehow treated as a psychic spot
It was Katsuk
i Gosen Shrine.

It seems that the female Miyaji-san has returned to life, but for more information, please visit the web

The space, which sits in an area that seems to have been rented in nature, was very comfortable to receive the feeling of coexistence of living things.

The voice of the cicadas and the sound of wind chimes were also good, so I didn’t see anyone while I was relaxing on the bench.

I felt like I was taught a lot of things very leisurely.

The precincts are like a really protected space, except that sometimes
ants climb up their feet.
There was nothing to disturb.

It might be good for meditation, too, right?

I was going to be able to stay for a long time, but it was going
to rain.
On the way back, I wanted to walk to Gosho Station, so I cut it up appropriately and went back.

There was a very distant image of a
bus in Nara.
It didn’t take much lon
ger than I thought.
From Osaka, it is possible to take a leisurel
y day trip.

Please see the atmosphere in the video.

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You can watch the sunset, go to the riverside, or visit a shrine you don’t know.
I’m spending
myself differently than usual.

There are things to think about, and I have experienced these times several times, and when I think later that it is better to follow without resisting, I feel that it is the best choice, so I am now I do so.

Today is a little whimsical upload and update.

Thank you for your various messages.

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