I met Princess 20200913 kukurihime

I met Princess 20200913

I quit my job because I thought I’d get up earlier than usual and meet Princess Legu.

I thought about it and did it to some extent if I had a chance, but I had a little dream from the morning and prepared to go to Shibata Shrine for the tim
e being.
So, where are you at Shibata Shrine? If you’re looking at a chira, eh! Rokkoyama Shrine? It becomes a thing, and the schedule changes suddenly.

There are only buses on Saturdays and Sundays, there are few, and I don’t know the details, but I want to see them, so I’m going to see them.

It was surprisingly smooth, but there was a pounding about the bus, and I thought it was a bad thing.

It was a very good time to talk with the people who appe
ared along the way and Mr. Miyaji’s wife.
I’m going to make a short video and a detailed thing with an article and a video aga

I feel that Ryujin-san came to my house.
I got a little thing, too.

Because time seemed to go, Mr. Shibata also went on the way back, and it did b
etter than expected.
I’m surprised to hear that everything is good.

I added fresh eggs and sake to thank them.

Today’s place is a personal record so as not to forget

In addition, I summarize it in detail including how to go.