It’s very scary. The law of


It’s very scary. The law of

Including the unconscious level, “Hey, right? I think there are times when you feel like that, don’t you?

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Masapi 21

(I’m sorry, I’m not too type.)

Now, including the unconscious level, “Hey, right? I think there are times when you feel like that, don’t you?

When something happens

“You know what? Or something like that.

After all, it’s like, “I don’t know.”

I’ll see you again.

Some things go out of their way to say

I think that there are times when I feel unconscious level in my mind.

It’s not a bad thing to say or think

I want you to check one front once in a while.

“Is that premise best for you?”

“You know what? It is a premise that there is always before one

There is a part that is a prerequisite.

“You know what? “After all,” “Again,” and so on.

I’m going to pile it up just for a reason.

Accumulation is affecting me more than I think.

as if to be presented with evidence in a trial

We’re getting closer and closer to finalization.

I don’t have any feelings about what happened.

If the premise is different, it’s like, “Hey, right? The content also changes and the result changes.

A good premise is to make people think it’s good. I’m not going to be

The bad
premise is that it makes you think it’s bad. I’m not going to be

They are stacked on top of each other

The prosecution and the defense are completely different. So as to stack the

Something similar is going on in your mind.

That’s why I assumed, “Hey? It is very important whether it is

The premise has nothing to do with the situation.

You can change it just by saying so.

After that, I nat
urally said, “Hey, r
ght? It overlaps.

I think it’s all right for me to decide where to go.

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