My eyes hurt, my tears come out, I deal with it 20200907

My eyes hurt, my tears come out, I deal with it 20200907

When I woke up in the morning, my left eye hurt and I couldn’t o
pen my eyes.
Because there was a sense of incongruity, I washed it with eyelashes, and when I put eye medicine of tired eyes, I felt extra pain.

I was barely able to use my right eye, so when I looked it up, I thought I should go to the eye clinic.

The cause was conjunctile stones.

My eyes hurt. I'm in tears.

(I used to answer the minimum with confidence.)


It’s best to have an ophthalmologist t
ake it.
However, there seems to be a natural healing when
it is a small thing, too.
If you can’t open your eyes and can’t stop crying, ophthalmology is recommended.


I made a day to reduce PC work because my eyes were getting tired more and more, and the day before I even hit the day, so I read.

They go to bed

I think I might have falln asleep and put pressure on my left eye.

Up to now

I had experienced similar symptoms several times, but after a few hours, my eyelids were heavy, but I thought it was the same this time.


I can’t open my left eye and feel a sense of incongruity.
My eyes hurt
and I can’t stop crying when I try to open it.
If you wash it lig
htly and put over-the-counter eye medicine, the pain will run and you will not be able to stay still.
I doubt f
oreign matter and open it by force and look in the mirror, but there is no change and it hurts for a while just by doing
After that, even if you close your eyes, try not to irritate the pain as much as possible.

I’ve been looking into it.

Most of the contents such as going to the op
Warming, cooling, but it seems to be counterproductive and difficult to judge depending on the symptoms


I can’t open it and I can’t stop crying, so I go with my eyes.
be examined for one’s
Specifically, the back o
f the eyeball and eyelid can be seen, and conjunctile stones are found on the back of the eyelid.

He took a picture of me and showed it to me, so I checked it with one ey
It is finished to have it take on the spot.


I imagined that it was quite scary to be held in the eye.
My eyesight was slight
ly different, so I tended to overwork my left eye, so I thought it was the cause.
The examination of the
eye was not accustomed, but the teacher checked the back of the eyelid while adjusting the position of the eyeball by looking down and looking up,
There was pain in opening the eyes, but almost no pain in treatment.
When I looked at
the picture, it was shaped like a work, and when it rubbed into my eyeball and it caused pain, I received an explanation and was told that I would take it on the spot.

I think that it worried when it becomes later because it is bibi.

Because it said that it was anesthetized, it was an act of mere eye medicine.
It was said
that it soaked a little, and it was soaked, but it came to be able to open eyes after that, and it was surprised.

It seemed to turn over the bag by the flow, and the teacher pasted it with the one like the tape and t
ook it.
I didn’t have any pain in that.

It was easier than I expected.

However, there are several conj
unctile stones on the back of the eyelids of both eyes
The only thing I took this time was one with a big left eye.
It seems
to be able to take it naturally if it is a light thing like the constitution
as a cause.
I was asked to come when it hurts in the same way again in the future, but there seems to be no countermeasure.


a white or yellowish hard-feeling sand granular spot on the surface of the eyelid conjunctile
I feel
pain and discomfort when this comes out on the surface like a work.
I think that it
is good to go to the eye clinic immediately because it was all right even for me who is scared (maybe so far) to be able to take it naturally by washing eyes and tears.
It was not especially in my case as a med
icine, and it was prescribed eye medicine of dry eye when I went with tired eyes before, and it was said that it put it out a little more.

I think that it is not necessary to worry so much if there are not so many symptoms because there seems to be the thing which does not become the object of treatment if there is no discomfort and pain in the treatment.
However, I think that it
is better to go to the ophthalmologist when I feel abnormal like this time.

It is not a scary thing because it is the extent to which the eyelid is turned over by the eye medicine, etc. is scared because the word such as the removal and the operation comes out.


Social insurance: 30%

Ophthalmology examination Removal, etc.
total less than 2000 yen
4 bottles 700 yen
(It is OK only when eyes are dry.)


The other day, two polyps were removed with c
One of them is malignant and there is a risk of cancer, so it was good to take it! And this time I look at the arr
ow that began intestinal activity! Feelings such as
I don’t need something I don’t need.

Is this because of your age?

I thought that I might not know who it was when I put on an eye band and put on a mask.

I think I’m losing a lot of money when I’m handsome.

Because it is usually used with emphasis on the left e
ye, movement is not easy if it is not used.
I thought I knew it was human beings who wouldn’t re
alize the importance of it if it wasn’t lost.
Well, I thought I had a good experience.



pple (video service)

Oh, my God.


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