What people who can’t face thems face should know

What people who can’t face thems face should know

I have to face myself! I think there are times when you think about it but you run away or you don’t know how to do it, do you?

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(Isn’t gray hair really self-asserting?) Figures of)

Now, I have to face myself! I think there are times when you think about it but you run away or you don’t know how to do it, do you?

Face yourself!

Even if such a thing is said,

I’m kind of scared,

I feel it’s difficult,

I’m thinking too much and I don’t understand.

I think that there is a person who changes to painful and painful, too.

“We’re already facing each other well.”

“Face to face with yourself” is a common expression,

It is unexpectedly ambiguous like “success” used in MLM.

Looking back on the agony past,

I’m trying to do something about it.

I care only about the evaluation and the result,

Get involved in other people’s minutes.

To the original vague question,

Wandering ar
ound to get a clear answer.

To control the past

It’s also about controlling others.

To give an answer without a problem,

You don’t need to fac
e yourself.

Only put such a sloppy thing once

“Hey, what? What do you want to do now? 」

Just ask that,

I’m facing another one of myself.

All that’s left is to listen without denying it!

We have to face it!

What should I do?

I wonder if this is it? Is that it?

Even if you run away,

It’s just a matter of distance.

If you don’t have an object, you don’t have to run away.

We’ve already started to face each other,

I’m working hard enough.

than to be at a clear top

There are many things that are more important in a vague process.

Now that I’m trying to shape it,

I don’t know if t
hey’ll bring the a
wers they face to face.

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