August Masapi21 Summary

August Masapi21 Summary

I feel like there’s changed in August 2020, so it’s a personal record.
It seems to be sa
id this and that in the celestial body and its neighborhood, but what I felt personally to the last

Mingse Shrine


Start an activity in a different pattern to make a change of be
I’m going to focus on things I’ve never been or done as much as I can.
ive more messages from Oracle card readings
The eyewitness rate is as high as
ever, changing, okay, being by my side, leadership, seeing a lot of things that are going well.
The feeling of being returned to the
past Begins to feel like a time to remember something you’ve forgotten
I’ll c
lean it up and settle down when I do it.
I fee
l like I’m getting ready to accept something.
don’t think I’ve received a message very many times.


I start to worry about shrines and power spot-like things.
g that there was a similar period in the past
We don’t se
nd Obon in a different way every year, but we pick it up.
For some
reason, I want to thank you very much this y
I want to go to places where my grandparents were, such as Kyoto and Nara, and show them the pre
sent through myself.
I receive a message that I have achieved it even if I don’t work hard any more, and I l
eave the PC work for a while.
The moment you think so, the monitor b
reaks and you get a new one.
Meet people you’ve for
I don’t feel like going to a PC, but I want to go to a shrine with nature.
I’ve b
een walking a lot, I’m going to look for something new, but what I’ve seen has been a point I know in the past.
begin to connect again with an im
portant edge
I feel that it flows natur
ally even if I do not have power.
I think that it
might have been powered by the intention that it was not strong up to now.


I start to think about what I can do to please myself.
There is a
different way of behavior than ever before.
re is also an invitation from a person who has been around for years, and they m
eet again.
Change the concept of time by thoroughly not
working hard
I didn’t go to yoga last month or t
his month.
I feel like it’s time to look for something impor
It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s a matter of priority, and I feel l
ike I’m serious about something.
There is work by all means becoming the last one, and the work such as the video up etc.
starts from toward the PC.
More conscious of how to communicate and phrases than us
ual, notes, etc. will increase immediately
I’m not out of it. I don’t think I’m going to catc
h up, but I feel like I’m okay.
I feel great joy that I have experienced things that I ha
ve experienced for granted in the past.
What you want to be and what you have
to leave behind is important.
You’ll be able to see something completely differe
nt from what you’ve seen before.
I think that the person who i
s connected now is important in t
he future.
Values are changing.
It is said that it is a new st
age, and it fits strangely.
The way we use the day is changing dramatically. 

The essence looks very clear.


Colonoscopy One of the two polyps was malignant but can be safely removed.
a new monitor
Acupuncture t
eacher and dinner
recognize that I need to think about how to think about what needs to
be left behind.
I remember a lot of things in Kyoto, Na
ra, Takarazuka, etc.
Go to Spockcha, do inline skating, badminton, soccer, etc. and eat yakiniku.
can clearly see your satisfaction and how you spend your money.


A different feeling tha
n before
I feel like I’ve come to see what I need to do, or it’s been mater
I feel like my position is completely different
I feel that the flow has changed a lo
I feel overwhelmingly well protected.
I feel good
while feeling rather than thinking with my head what I’m going to convey and how to leave it b
What do you think is the strange sense of security and the presence of blur?