Complex Trouble Complex I See Radio (Masapi 21) Podcast Potcast #005

Complex Trouble Complex I See Radio (Masapi 21) Podcast Potcast #005

I’m going to talk about Complex.

There are parts of me that I feel are complex, such as physical characteristics and personality, and I thi
nk that there are some people who worry about it.
It is a little suggestion for
such a person.

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Character revitalization

Masapi 21’s so radio
In this
ing with Masapi 21’s head
ings and lifestyles that can’t be conveyed on a
Psychology, Brain Scien
ce, Attracting
a lot of people think ab
out the subconscious
I’d like to send it in a style that I can listen to while pulling out the point etc.

Because it is an extension of the monoloyati
on, I think that it is possible to hear

It’s a waste to get rid of the complex.
Today, I’d like to focus on something like complex.

It’s a waste to get rid of the compl
That’s what I think.
Why do y
ou think it’s a waste?
The part o
f the complex is a personality, isn’t it?

I think tha
t there is a problem of how to catch it
, too.
Physical charac
teristics, isn’t it?
I think it’s unexpected.

Why do you th
ink so?
Because it’s not the same as the p
eople around you.
There are a lot of parts that I feel, don’t I?

It’s like I’m the
only one who’s different

about the part of th
at complex
I want you to think about it.

Why did it become a complex?

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
first reason is
Whether it became a complex is an unexpectedly trivial thing, isn’t

It’s often the case with kicker
Someone told me
I’ve been told since I was a ch
There may be a lot of things, but
all, someone told me
t’s become a complex, isn’t it?

Someone’s going to tell me.

I don’t feel very good about it.

Because I think I’m negative
You’re differ
When someone says
something strange
I don’t think I’m
going to feel good about it.

If you change the
way you look at it,
hey’re messengers.

That’s your personalit

What’s the part of you that
says it’s not?
You’re jumping through t
hat part.
I think it’s the same as
what I’ve been told.

I don’t know what’s good or bad
It also changes with the times.

It’s a physical feature.
For example, do you want a tall person n
I’m tall.
I was like that a little whi
le ago.
In our old days, we tho
ught it wasn’t.

In physical character
A little one with a normal height
Instead of being told
something like Chibi,
at’s a big guy.
It’s like a tall tail.

en you think about it that way,
‘s what they’re com
plex about.

When the times change, it
‘s like a model or
something like that.
When tall people come out
going to be a weapon, isn’
It doesn’t change with the tim
First of all, it seems
to be pointed out that i
t is different.

To say this and
that to others.
I don’t think it’s very good.

In a good w
If you look at it, it’s
your personality.
I’m so envious of my surroundings.
I thi
nk it’s okay to think about it.

The tri
gger is also a trivial thing.
Because i
t was pointed out because it was said by others
Or, depending on the cas
e, I’ve been made a fool of.
I think t
hat there is such a thing.
What’s the seco
nd thing about it?
If you think about it that
Unexpectedly, there are a lot of
things that I just think of.

No matt
er what condition this was.
People around me don’t mean to do that.
That’s not what I m

But when I think I’m on my own

Look, I’m t
old again.
I’m going to tell you this.
are quite a few things that have been piled up, aren’t there?
I thought it wa
s a waste.

When I say what to do
with that kind of person,
I work hard to feel like I’m
eliminating the complex.
You’re trying to get rid of it,

n though it’s a great personality, I don’t thin
k it’s a waste.
I don’t know what to say

The compressor itself
You don’t h
ave to look at it all the time in such an
extreme way.
I’m sure yo
u’ll never be able to do that.
What’s the matter with you?
t’s about becoming with
everyone, isn’t it?
I’m totally with y
ou guys.

Or you don’t have any personalit
There’s nothing I’ve jumped through
What would you
do if you were in a situation like

I start looking for what my personality is.
I think it’s kind of interesting.

It is said that t
he color is white with the woman.
I’ve talked to you for a little time.
She see
ms to be so cute.
To tell you the tr
uth, I have a complex.
When I heard w
hat it was

It is very complex that the color is
That’s what I’m talking about, isn’t it?

In her case, since she was a chil
You’re fair-skinned.
u’ve been told that for a long

It is a white
one with a beautiful feeling normally at

I’ve been told that.
I’ve been told
There’s something I’m ta
lking about.
The real person is a whit
e-skinned thing.
It’s a complex.

Well, that’s when I told you
a little bit.
Women in the world a
re booming in whitening now, aren’t
boom or not i’m a little bit
I don’t k
now much about it.
At least
it’s not a gangro boom.

The women
in the world, me too.
I used to be an affiliate.
I also handled whiteni
ng cosmetics.
I’ve been looki
ng at a lot of things.

I thought it w
as going to be white.
You’re working har
d, aren’t you?

I don’t know
if I want to paint or drink a supplement.

I don’t know what to do with it.
You’ve got it originally.
First of all
, what you are aiming for
Spend some
money or time.
You already ha
ve what you’re aiming f
or, don’t you?
You can go on and on, can’t you?

We’re all still going up the stai
It’s like it’s a good thing.

I’ve got your personality originally. Thank you.
It’s not like I’m talking about
like that.
You said that, didn’t

That’s what I’m talk
ing about, isn’t it? When I
said that,
It’s not really a pro
blem, is it?
It becomes a sto
ry like

It’s just one fea
ture, isn’t it?
Because it is ori
ginally white
don’t get sunburned. Even if I get sunburned,

It’s a little red, isn’t it?

It’s funny that other ordinary people
Other people g
et black when they get sunburned.
I don’
t like it any more, so even though it’s hot, I’m going to put it on my
You don’t do parasols or anything like t
hat, do you?
She doesn’t have it
originally, does she?
Don’t turn a l
ittle red.

It’s really
amazing from around you.
t’s an envied thing, isn’t it?
In th
is day and age,
It’s been said for a long ti
It’s a great complex for the real person.
so on, isn’t it?
a little funny, isn’t it?

what I’m trying to do
No matter what anyone
says to you
I think
it’s the wind
Even if it is said that thi
s is envious

If you think he’s a real person,
There you go.
I think it was
out again.

That’s what you think.
Complex, pe
I don’t know
if that’s the part.
I think so, don’
t you?

It’s about me. That’s it.
Maybe it’s me.
ly, you don’t have a low voice or you
can’t get throu

You don’t like it.
Complex. I did it.

I’m still listening to
my own voice.
I don’t feel good about it.
This r
Everyone’s feeling so-so.
I th
ink it’s something you
think, d
on’t you?

When I heard the
recorded voice
You feel somethin
g strange, don’t you?

I don’t want to hear it eve
n if I don’t like ed
iting it.
I heard it, but I didn’t lik
e it.

It was a complex.

I don’t know
Who’s around?
That’s great.
It’s like calming
down or reassu
You’re told po
lo, aren’t you?

That’s what I’m cha
racterized by.
It’s not about individuality.
‘d rather think it’s a weapon
nk you very much.

You’re going to
go out of your way to get rid of your
It’s kind of a waste.
I thi
nk that’s fine.

Even if it’s not
just a physical feature
I thin
k there are some things that are personal.
If you look at it i
n a different way,
What’s really the
complex part?
It’s a very weapon, it’s a pe
rsonality, isn’t i

Now it’s time for something cal
led personality to be important
What do you say you have it now?
They say it’s a waste if you throw it away now.
I think

What is talent or individuality?

More and more from now on
I think we’re
going to be in an age where we’re going t
o be pursuing what k
ind of person you are.
I’ll tell you another story.
If it’s there now
I think th
at it is good in the complex-li
ke place.

By all means
don’t know what to do any more.
If you really want to change
You ca
n change it unexpectedly.

here may be places where it’s com
pletely impossible.
How to change or che
There are a lot of them, aren’t there

If you
really want to do it,
For example, if a
fair-skinned person says
Do you cheat with makeup

That’s what it’s all about.

There are many ways to do this.

In the part that
it is absolutely necessary
If you say you want to change

unexpectedly big that you’re going to do s
omething like that.

I’m the one who’s this one.
When I thought that a low
voice was very unpleasant
It doesn’t m
atter why or how.
I really don’t know
for the time being.
s have a high voice now.

I hear you’re a high voice
t’s make it expensive, even if it’s
not expensive.
Because it’s surprising that you’re
so loud!
That’s what it’s all about.

It’s a strange story.

If you really
want to
And I think i
t’s a good idea to change it.
It’s not
like I’m going to change
I think it’s a bit of a waste.

What do y
ou think is complex?
Unexpectedly my own
nly in a narrow
sense of values
in my narrow world
You think
about it, don’t you?

I’m not like eve
ryone else. I’m not.
What do yo
u think?
Only the
people around me now
e watching me, aren’t you

ut this is the whole of
If you look at the w
hole world
There’s someth
ing ridiculous about it.
It’s going t
o be nice, isn’t it?

I have my
own eyes in Japan now.
For exa
mple, if you did blu
I don’t think so.
You’re Japanese.

if I did blue?
at’s great.
I think it’s going to be complex.
you look at it all over
the world, it’s not at all.
That’s the usual story.

It’s not goin
g to change to that extreme.
e more I say it, the red my
hair is.
I don’t know. That’s it.
Now it’s
like everyone’s imitating it all
put a color control or change t
he color
Isn’t that what you’
re going to do

Well, what’s different fr
om people?
I’ve got it origin
I’m a little out of shape.
I don’t think I’m just a complex perso

That’s why it’s better to get rid
of it.
It’s like stretching it or using
it as a weapon.
I think it’s a good idea to make the most of it

You don’t have
to get rid
I’ve got something
good from the start.
They sa
y you can change it.
You’re in a very favorable pl
ace, aren’t you?

going to put it all together.
Complex is a talent or individuality, isn’t

So, I can’t help it
e at this stage. If yo
u don’t like it,
You can change it.
It is said that it is possible to go
as it is.
You’ve got both.

What’s it li
ke to have a complex?
Wouldn’t you like to see it in an unexpectedly n
arrow world?

What’s the comple
x part?
It’s really a personali
ty from now on.
So is my way of t
What about you?
We’re going t
o be in an age
of great respect.
I think
Until now, capitalism.
I’ve been res
pected for being with everyone.
I think that’s the way to live.

It’s becoming an individu
al age, isn’t it?
I’ll talk about this in more detail.

I think I felt it even when I was a corona.

see each of them.
What are you goin
g to do?
We’re in an era where we’ve been forc
ed to do so.

That’s why it’s called a c
What do you already
have now?
I think it’s a very good deal.

It’s high.

Today I’m going to talk about Complex.
et me talk to you for a little bit.

I’d like to talk about a lot of things again.

Thank you very much for your relationship.


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