Are you tired of looking for yourself? I see radio (Masapi 21) podcast potcast #004 Youtube modified version

Are you tired of looking for yourself? Masapi 21 (masapi21) I see radio podcast #004 Youtube modified version

I’m going to talk about looking for myself.

I think there is a time for everyone to
look for themses.
It is good if you enjoy it, but I feel that there are many people who
are tired.

It is the thing that the old one felt a littl
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Are you tired of looking for yourself? Masapi 21 (masapi21) I see radio podcast #004 Youtube modified version

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Are you tired of looking for yourself? Masap
i 21 (masapi21) I see radio podcast #004″

Character revitalization

Masapi 21’s so radio

In this program,

I’d like to send you things that can’t be conveyed in your blog, including Masapi 21’s head, lifestyle psychology, brain science, subconsciousness, and other points that many people think about in a style that you can listen to while pulling out your strength.

It’s an extension of singing, so I hope you’ll listen to me.

Today I’m going to talk about looking for myself.

When I say I’m looking for myself

Most of them go outside, don’t they?

A journey to find yourself

It’s like going on a journey to find yourself.

I do well.


That’s not a mistake.

Especially when you’re young.

That’s going to be a plus.

Because it is often

I think it’s a good thing.

I thought it was just an ant to stay still.

I’m looking for myself.

You don’t have to go outside.

There are a lot of things like looking inside.

You tend to be biased towards one or the other, don’t you?

Especially with energetic people.

That’s what I said when I said I was young.

I’m looking for something.

It moves greatly and it looks for it.

That’s why it’s so.

There are times when I get a little tired.

It’s a past experience.

Me too. I’m looking for myself.

I don’t know what I am.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

There’s a time when you want to find something

You used to move a lot, didn’t you?

I thought I’d go abroad then.

It’s true even overseas.

Specifically Bali or Thailand

Or if you go to Cambodia

Anyway, that’s what I’m looking for.

It’s something to myself

I don’t know what I’m looking for

I’m not sure.

It’s like the answer I’m looking for.

Anyway, if you go there,

I thought you’d find it.

But there’s a lot going on.

I just couldn’t go.

It’s already over.

The answer is there.

I don’t know that much, but I can’t go.

When I’m wondering what to do

I did it in the summer.

I have a friend in Hyogo Prefecture.

Anyway, I already want to go some way to the island.

Let’s go to a nearby island.

I went completely untheeded.

My goal is to go to the island.

Camping there

It’s like a field inn.

So you went there?

I did it on a rare road.

I’ve had a lot of trouble.

It was really interesting.

There was something you got, wasn’t there?

About this

Because it becomes a very old article, even in a blog post

If you feel like it, read it.

What’s going on like this?

You might understand.

The person I met there.

I’m going to study abroad.

I’ve been pretty elite.

We were brothers.

You learned a lot, did you?

My age doesn’t change that much. I’m about the same age.

I’m a little younger.

So what did you really notice?

Even if you’re waiting, you’ll find it, or you’ll find it.

I don’t know if there’s anything like that.

That’s great.

It’s better than waiting.

It’s like staying there all the time, isn’t it?

It’s like there’s a convenience store there all the time.

It’s like I’m going to be there

I was moving around looking for something

It’s like a mobile sale, isn’t it?

I was wondering if it’s any better anyway.

I’ve been looking for you.

The person is the opposite.

I’m going to stay there all the time.

This is one hand, too.

I was shocked at that time.

I’m really moving around

When I meet people and look for myself

It’s like a part of me.

I thought you’ve found me.

There’s something answerable.

The man stared there and found something.

There’s something that’s going on.

I’m looking for myself.

It’s the same after all.

It’s one way to move and look outside.

I think there are times when you need it.

On the other hand, stay still.

It’s also about looking inside.

I think it’s an ant.

What do you say you’re tired of?

I don’t think that’s the difference.

I think there’s a sign that seems to be biased over there.

For example, if you move your arms or move your legs, you’ll get tired if you’ve been doing the same thing for a long time, right?

It’s also a good idea to try something you don’t usually do.

I think it’s good.

The person who is moving does not move.

It’s like I’m going to stay here

Or to explore the inside very much

Think with your head and go round and round

I don’t know what I want to do

What is a great me?

The person who thinks about such a thing and does not move

On the other hand, go outside some way.

By interacting with someone

that a hint might be obtained

When it comes to looking for yourself

It’s quite difficult when you try to make it into a language.

What’s the language of it?

You may need it when you explain it to someone.

What are you looking for?

It’s a good story if you know who you are.

You don’t have to be linguistic, do you?

I don’t know.

It’s kind of like this.

Because I think that it is good because I say like

If you’re tired,

I’m going to change my way a little bit.

And don’t force me to language

That’s the easiest way to get there.

I don’t think so.

Hi, that’s how it is.

Nothing big

If you’re going to get tired

I don’t know how to do it.

It’s a little bit of a word that you don’t want to be linguistic.

I think it’s a good idea to think about it.

That’s all I can say today.


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