The result of saving waste Masapi 21 (masapi21) I see radio podcast #002 Youtube modified version

The result of saving waste Masapi 21 (masapi21) I see radio podcast #002 Youtube modified version

I put subtitles and re-uploaded it.

Because the basic is a style to hear, I am sorry if it is hard to see.

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Because the URL changes, the original video is also left, but I will re-upload it with subtitles
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"As a result of saving waste, Masapi21 (masapi21) I se
e radio podcast #002"

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Masapi 21's so radio
In thi
s program,
nning in the head of Masapi 2
Things and lifestyles that can't be convey
ed on a blog
Psychology, Br
ain Science, Attracting
A lot of people
think about the subconscious.
it is an extension of the point and the monoloy.
I hope you'll listen to me.

As a result of all waste
Focus on things
like waste today
I'd like to talk to you.

From the out of
the sudden conclusion,
I think that waste is unexpectedly necessary.

I'm writing with the title that I said I can't find it that I can't get to on the blog of Masapi 21, but if y
ou don't mind, please take a look at it.

たどり着かない 見つからない

I mean, it's the result of saving up.
I though
t I needed to waste it.
I don't know w
hat happened when I leave it out.
Anyway, it's
hard and it's not fun.

The rest is a bias of thought, isn't it?

The part of such a phenomenon is very larg
I'm a little useless, isn't it?
l, it's up to you to feel that way.

Anyway, it's not fun.

You're an acquaintance of mine. You've got a lot of money.
You hav
e a friend who doesn't have to work.

There's a stock dividend or something like that, and there's enough money to eat normally.
That's right
, but it's fun at all.
at's not the case.

That friend, a friend of a simi
lar feeling.
When we're eating
They look a lot a lot like
each other.
Both of them have m
I have it.
at's what I was talking about.

I don't know who spends money on
curry or ramen.
You said something like that.

I'm a little surprised. W
hy are you doing this?
kind of like a delicious curry.
There are a lot of delicious r
amen and so on.

It's delicious everywhere.
It's pretty different li
ke this, isn't it?

No, no, no, no.
Cup ramen

ort Curry
That's what I'm talking about.
I think they are.
I'm talking about wha
t's in vain.
It's like curr
y or ramen.

Go all the way to the store like that.
If you're not good at it, you're going to
line up.
It's worth it.

That's what I'm saying, I didn'
t understand the meaning.

Why do you eat delicious food?
I thought it wasn't a good thing.
t the two of you.
No, cup ramen is enough.
a decent taste
t's called ys.

You can go out of y
our way and do
it right away.
If you want to eat it, you can eat it righ
t away.

Go out of your way to get it to the table
Isn't it useless? Like

I didn't understand the meaning at first.

I'm going to save my waste after all.
If you notice it after y
ou've started doing it thoroughly,

That's what I was doing.

I don't know what it means to line up one by one.
It might be the exch
ange of materials on the job.
I'm goin
g to do it on the bulletin board.

I'm doing something like telework now.
I didn't know
what it means to go on a business trip.
I don
't know why I'm going that far.
hy don't you do it on the vide
o phone?
And when the person who can do the job pulls ou
t of the company
Of course, there are people who work in the Shinkansen whil
e on the move, but their concentration is
It's falling, isn't i

Why don't you go out
of your way to spend money there?
I don't know if I'm going.
I can't help it if I do it.

I know if that perso
n says it's technically impossible to stay there.
Well, why do
companies bother to function well, even by e-mail?
You're going to spend money on a place like that, right?

ve always thought it was useless, didn't I?

When you notice me.
That's what I was think

Even if it's a movie or someth
ing, you don't have to go all the way to the movie theater.
Of course
, it is a great power by all means
I know if it's a movie that can'
t be reproduced unless it's
on that screen.
That's not true. It's kind of conte
What a movie that's so-so!
When you want to see it normally, you have t
o do it yourself.
or example, it's ne
tflix, it's dtb.
If you want to see it, you can always see it.

Take the time to do it.
Go to the cinema.
A seat is
also specified.
You don't have to buy expensive popcorn and coffe
e or beer.

If you have that much money, why don't you go home now?
I ca
n eat popcorn so much that it's my stomach bread.
And no matter if you ta
lk or go to the bathroom or pause,
no one will complain.
Even if I say that the chair in the mo
vie theater is a relaxing chair, I'm lying down at home.
Don't you think it's okay to look at it?
I thought it was useless.

And reading, is
n't it?
Even if you don't go to a bookstore and read a book in a paper medium, there are many e-books in e-books, and
the Internet is full of information, so why bother with paper books?
I've gone a little to the point where I fal
l into such a th

One time I was talking abou
t curry and ramen.
I thought we were toget
her, weren't we?

That's what happened befor
e I knew it.

It's the result of our pursuit of saving waste.
That's why a
t that time
Ramen sho
p and curry shop
You don't have to go all the way.
Instant is pretty delicious, isn't it
That's where I fell

Whether it's good or bad
That's w
hen I thought
Anyway, i
t's hard.

You're going to be resting like this, aren't you?

Well, I
'll watch the movie at
Now is the
time to rest
Let's watch my favorite movie.
It's not moving in vain.
I'm sure you're going to think it's easy.

ay, I wonder if it's hard.
I don't like this tiredness.
I can't g
et tired.
I think that it was very hard in me in such a place.

That's why the ori
ginal Masapi 21 blog?
ou're the one who's doing it in Ameblo. The desperate patch's over there.
was originally made for people who can't
get tired, right?

I can't get tired.
I don't know what it's like to be tired.
It's like t
hat, isn't it?

From there, I changed the
theme to one person.
Both of them
don't go very well.
I think it's not interesting, but it's in its current form.

going to make a blog.
Anyway, why are you s
o tired?
I don't know. It's not funny.
I'll try my best to watch a movie as a reward.

Even if it was
It looks a little e
I bought it and
did something like that.
It's supp
osed to be fun, but it's hard anyway.

I don't know what this situation is.

f you ask around.
That's not wha
t I'm talking about any more.
It is said, is
n't it?
So it's like that already.
But there's something funny about it.

When I s
ay what wasn't there
That's where I think it's useless.
I didn't take it in there
e-e, e.m.

As a result,
That's the cause, isn't it?

When I say why I noticed it
I went
to the movie theater to see a movie.

Originally, I like movies and so on.
I used to go to the movie theater.

When you're thorough about efficiency and waste
I had to go there before I kno
w it.

Maybe for a year or so.

Then why don't we go to the movies once in a while?

When I went there, I wondered
how much fun it was!

re's too much to gain.
It's not just about watching movies in the movie theater.

By the time I get there, for examp
le, I'll be here.
I thought I could have built a building like this.
It looks like
we're on a road like this.
Do you have a notice until you some
how go to the cinema and start?

In the meantime, wow, it looks so funny.
I'm so excit
ed by the time it s

I'm so excited about what kind of movie it is.
Why don't you go out of your way to buy expensive pop
This seems to be pretty good, isn't it?

The part tha
t I enjoyed in the past
Before you
know it, let's do it.
There was a situation w
here you thought it was
useless and cut it down.

It's hard.
When I
went out to see a movie,
My brain.
After all, it is fresh.
se I see and hear various things
It's stimulating.
I've lost
all of it.
I don't think it's necessary to waste.

Just because I think I'm useless

Actually, there was a part of me that thought so.
I thought that I would live better after all that it was not fun or it was terrible.
As a result of omitting waste, I
noticed that I was keeping away from myself.

I think that th
e real pleasure is unexpectedly in
I think it's thi
s kind of thing, and the rest is a bias in thinking.
So is the media.
On the Int
You look for information from y
ourself, don't you?

Now eve
ryone is looking for new information
I do a lot of searches and so on.
Each of the news.
So is Yaho
o News.

However, becau
se the customized one
is displayed to the indi
Other people are watching.
I don't know what I'm looking at.
They say it's not.
It's customized, isn't it?

That's why I'm always in the same kind of information.

Then, the bi
as of the information comes out after all, and the television does not put the television in the
If there is a program that I want to watch, I feel like watching it in a movie or
something like that, so I don't put that TV itself.
It doesn't
look like it's that interesting.

Listen to the radio.
It's passive, isn't it?
n't you think commercials that you're not interested in
will flow?

He's like we.
where a commercial for women's underwear was aired
It's definitel
y a form of buying.

But if it's like this,
There is a movement of the heart, isn't there?

Such a th
ing will be cut off at all, isn't it?
That's the useless part.

Why don't you do thi
s kind of fashion in that
useless part?
I might be able to go like
I have an idea
It's not really.
It might be better in terms of pursuing what I like rather than this form, but I don't know what's coming in, but I think it's actually important to have information that came in.

you change the way you say it,
It's useless, isn't it?

I went to a bookstore
or a library.
Bookstore Library It's different from what you feel again, isn't it?

Bookstores are in fashion now.

The library has been there for a long time.

se the bookstore also has a complet
ely different assortment depending on the store
I wonder if this kind of thing is in fashion.
I thought this title was something inte

But it's useless to think about it in an active way, isn't it?

I didn't mean to buy anything
to buy.
Window shoppin
g is the same, but there ar
e no results.

What did you go to buy?
It's here.
How much is the thought?
I think it's a form that eliminates waste.

After all, if you look at it absent-mindedly,
Oh, it's like this kind of thing or this product is interesting, and that's sur
prisingly important

Make a state that comes in even if you are not interested in somethi
ng in order not t
o be biased there
That's my case.
I don't watch TV, so I listened to the radio.

The radio is u
nexpectedly good.
On the radio
There is
mail order, isn't it?

Then you're sel
ling it for this much now, is
n't it?
I don't know what to do with amazon.
Why don't you introduce yourself to the product?
I wonder if it's out as a project.
There's a lot going on here.

If you're biased, you'll have to go and see it yourself, won't you?

I don't think there's any un
biasing information like passive i

I wonder if my field of
view has narrowed down very

about something
It might be very specialized, but
It may have been more efficient, but
I've lost
that much.
I'm singing to you.

If you
dare to classify it as useless,
Do I say that sociable thing?
It's a company drinking party, and the rest is
a time when you're just worried and thinking abou
t it and you're not moving.

When such a thing is seen in time
I wonder if it's a real waste,
even at a company drinking par
There's also my f
avorite drinking part

People who wo
rry about what they don't like and enjoy it are good at al
It's hard to worry, it's painful, it'
s hard.
But nothing's movi
It's better to be like that.
I don't think it's useless, but that'
s it.
Because I need such
a time, too
It's not a waste at all.
It's the time of year when I'm worried and do
n't move

I don't know if it's moving or not.
I was worried and worried today.
I was worried tomorrow, but after five or ten years, I was worr
Sometimes it's like that, so I can't say it's useless at all.

I'm who I am now, and I force myself t
o kill what I think I don't lik
e now.
I think it's more useless t
o do something.

This is your precious time, isn't it?
It's a story from the point of view of treatment.
In that case,
it might be useless.
That's something, too.
It might be useful. It's not a was
te at all.

It's like waste is a bad thi
I think the formula is the most

It's a waste of time, even if it's not good.
The part
of the waste is able to afford it
for a little.
You do the range of
play, don't you?
That's why I don't think it's a waste. 
It's like I'm passionate about having fun.
To say further
If that
's not what you don't want
I don't think it's a waste.

For example, there are only games in retreat, aren't there?
I think it's a waste of time from a normal person's point of view, and there's more to work like this.

When I actually retreated, I was playing only online games.

I was already doing my job, because that's the only way to get away.
That's what I
was doing, but I did a lot of research at that time.
It's because I don't have

For example, I did someth
ing like research on viruses.
It's like how it works.
Why can't this person do this?

Well, if you think
about it in the short term,
's useless.
It d
oesn't do any good.
I don't know.

What happened to me aft
er that?
To tell the truth, it became work, and it was immediately after that, and
it was a sec
urity manager related to the government office.
That's what I
I'm not i
n charge of security, I'm
in charge.

Just because I know it.
That's why we focus on efficiency.
The th
ing that the person who does not go we
ll is lacking the part of the waste actually?
There's a thing c
alled "I'm not going to l
et you go."
You wrote that article, didn't you?

Whether it's useless or not
t's an individual's sense of values.
You're the one who's the judge, aren't

Even if I think t
his is useless
From a completely
different person's point of view, there
are a lot of things that make a lot of effort for this person, don't you think?
it's easy to waste
Even if you
don't decide that it's not use
I think it's okay
to do it a little more slowly. 

t's so tight.
Consciously, I thought
I was useless.
I don't know what I
've been eliminating.
That's not disgu
I really want to do
But this is not t
he time to do it now.
Because it is like and it truncates it
If you try it a little bit there, it's real.
Can't you see yo
urself like this?
There are quite a few now.
When you see what you really want to do, you might pick up something treasured.

I've been playing games with that basket too
I don't think it's goin
g to work like that when it's like a virus doesn't work.

If you happen t
o go around and do something that didn't have such a goal at all, you're familiar with it.
So, please d
o the security chief. Hi, I'll do it.
It's lik
e I'm good.

Other than that, there were a lot of IT specialists.
I was wondering why it was me.
I ended up in charg
e of it.

If personal informatio
n is leaked by any way at that time, in a press
conference or the like from a standpoint
I'm very sorry.
Tell him not t
o do this again.
I was in a position where I had to say sentences that seemed to come to my min
You can't think of it from such a withdrawal.

There's a lot of that, isn't there?
Maybe it's connected some way

I'm sure Steve Jobs said something like th
I don't know what's useful, so I'll take care of it.
I think that it is good whether I at that time is unpleasant or not.

In the long look, it might be more
efficient to pick up your waste.
I think so, too.

Meditation, for example.

I'm doing things like top leaders right now, but when I think a
bout mindfulness
You didn't do anythin
g in the results, did you?
I don't really do anything so much that I don't think about it because it's time t
o do nothing.

Why is it time
to stop completely?
ut it's super busy.
The super-elite
It's a waste of time to do this in th
e long long way.
It's not useles
s. It's not useless.
It's bette
r to make time to think it's useless.
I think it's because you know that it's more efficient.

It's easy to put
together today's
I don't know if it'
I think it's a
good thing to lo
ok at it in the long run.
That's i
It's like I can afford to feel inside of
There's go
ing to be things like mon, whispering, and so on.
in the short term
I think that it is good to see it in the long term a little more especially for the hard one because it is said that it is very painfu
l because it is really necessary to
worry about one's joy a
nd sorrow.

Next, I'm not just going to look at the results.
I don't know where or how to conn
It's a result or a number, isn't it?
Just look at the

It's not useful now, so it's useless, but even if it's not useful now
There are a lot of useful things in the long run, so I think it's better to think about it and make it perfect than to worry about it and not do a

Don't just look at the results

To decide it, you have to put your feelings first.
I don'
t think I don't like wh
at I am now.

Actually, it's bet
ter to be excited about what you like.
Well, I don't know.
Because there are a lot of people who are not able to see
I think that it
is good if it does not do if it dislikes it.

it's not disgusting, it's about being able to co
ntinue, which also leads to talent.
If you don't like it, why don't you give it a try?
I don't think it's a waste. 
So today, I've focused on t
hings like waste.

I can't find it on Masapi 21's blog.
I'm writing with the title I said, but please take a look if you like.

たどり着かない 見つからない

That's all I'm going to give you for today.

If you feel like it again, please ask me.

Thank you very much


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