20200808 The Day I Became a God

20200808 The Day I Became a God

It’s something different fro
m the moment I wake up.
What th
e hell is this feeling?
The morning was the same as usual, and I was supposed to do the same task
as usual.
From the moment I wake up, I feel
something different
It is absolutely stable wi
thout any anxiety or fear.
I think I was doing my best even if I didn’t mean
to do what I’ve been doing so far.

I have no interest in material things.
Money comes in, especially anyway, and I even think it’s ridiculous to exchange a piece of pap
er for something important to begin with.
Even if I win the lottery, I don’t feel so happy because I do
nate it for people in need.
I feel like I’m so far a
What the hell happened?

I’m not writing this article with the intention of conveying it to someone in the first place.
A mere record of one’s own mind

Including technical things such as how to read up to now, how to make it easier, and what keywords,
I feel like I’m looking
at other people when I thought I wasn’t thinking too much but I was working hard.
There were
n’t many evaluations, comments, readers and subscribers, or anything that stuck to or worried about them, but today it doesn’t matter any more.
It’s not a strange give-up
or a severing thing that doesn’t matter, it’s just that I’m not interested at all.

I recently started a podcast, but I don’t think anyone has heard of it, and I don’t want them to admit it.
It just remembers when I started
the site in the sense of my record
There were no people on the other
side of the computer at that time.
I thought it was i
mportant to have people on the other side of the computer by doing affiliates and online shops.
Of course, I think it’s important, b
ut I was thinking about how best to convey something in an easy-to-understand manner.
I think it was working h
ard in a way.
If the purpose is to convey th
is experience in an easy-to-understand manner, I think I thought about it.
it’s my record, so if I can see myself in the future and remember how I feel now, there’s nothing I can do about it.

It increased tremendously to see the eyes, and from around June, I captured only what I saw in the time of
the smartphone
I think I’m actually watching a lot more because it’s j
ust what I thought.
I happened to find out and learned som
ething like an angel number.
It seems to sleep while flowing the reading video which was even in order to solve the day when it is not possible to sleep again because it thinks that it is very interesting though it is like a girl.

I think tha
t the spiritual system is still resistant or stinky.
I think it’s simply because it’s mixed with
the behavior of individuals such as humans.
I began to
be conscious of the point of view of the m
essage from my eyes.
Because I see too much.
I’m not the type to worry about such a thing, and I
wasn’t interested in it in the first place.
But what you have in common is that no matter what part of the message you have, you’re going we
ll, and you’re going to have an incredible world that’s going to change a lot in the near
I thi
nk that there were a lot of things like that, supporting, being seen from god’s point of view, and being around.
I’m not interested
in it in the first place, so it’s a good level, but something starts, and it’s a lot of things that I’m going to pull as a leader.
I think that there are a lot of way to convey the message, and I think t
hat it was only a form of eyes this time.

I thought that I might be just arranging the words that tend to be i
n such a field.
I didn’t get influenced or repulsed, I just looked at it just because it was comfortable.
I can’t go out much because of c
orona, but when I thought about it, I noticed that I went to some shrine every day bec
ause I wanted to go to a place with good energy.
This is not a request or a thank
you, but a feeling of going to see a friend.
You may feel uncomfortable from the point
of view of the person you worship, but it’s not something you’ve learned.
Did you go crazy before? I think I was completely in denial, but
now it’s kind of peaceful
It might have been just a desire to meet someone that the type who didn’t go out in the first place came to want to go out
Did you miss me? Well, I think I had the power to heal people overwhelmingly, an
d I had a big feeling that I wanted to use it.
I got a great weapon, so it might be close to the feeling that I want to use it a little.
I didn’t meet anyone in the end, but I th
ought it would be nice if I could be happier with people I passed by and met at shrines.
s just that it was so comfortable, but today I don’t even th
ink I need it.
What the hell is going on?

It may be like moving a character in a game, whether it’s the body, the substance, t
he emotions, or everything.
I felt like I was in a lot of time, and I felt like I was out of the
Have you come to a different world?

But what the hell is it that there is no anxiety or fear at all?
Even if
it is funny, it feels the same as the character because it is still a story of the body level separately.
Is this a new world t
hat was said to come?
I mean, why am I bothering to w
rite such a strange thing?

Sometimes I had the feeling that I wasn’t speaking, but something completely different.
I rarely say it to others because it seems strange, but if I think about the text of
the blog, my words are more strange than my own.
I’m sitting in the bathroom and I’m writing about what I felt that da
y just by selecting a little composition and words to make it easier to understand when I came up with it.
So even if Ameblo stops, I don’t t
hink anything of it, and I don’t care how many likes it is.
I’m not good at spirituals, bu
t there’s a part of me that I know for a long time.
I can see that there is a world
that I can’t see.

There was a word such as too much view in the word obtained yesterday, but I looked at it and examined what it was, and it overlapped with me who valued essence.
There are a lot of words, and this is like another person’s affair.

From my
self who was reborn that day, the memory of the old really seems to be a stranger, and there was a feeling that I remembered that I had done such a thing if it said so for a long time.
The feeling that this person sees f
rom a distance that this person experienced like this rather than what I did
thought that angel cards might be interesting, but I suddenly realized that I had had them for a long time.
I don’t
think I’ll read or use it for anyone, and I don’t know how to handle it, but I choose one for the ceremony I do on the first day of e
very month.
It was so natural that I didn’t notice it.
Because it is somehow, I cannot remember i
t if I do not see the photograph in the smartphone.
I don’t kn
ow why, but I keep them in the same place as the beads and I don’t want anyone to touch them.

There may be a lot of things that you don’t know why you’re doing it in the fi
rst place.
I always put clean water in the kitchen, I have salt in the four corners of the room, I like to line up a tedn when I was a child, and my eyes shine on the story of the
It was not special to think that I was led, such as going to the grave of an ancestor suddenly when I was out of my mind, or going to a previous room or a h
oly place without knowing it was too special.
In the first place, it’s too natural to be a relative or a person from a shrine or temple, but it’s a strange feeling that I don’t want to know at all.

I think that it is a power stone or a fishy smell, but for some reason an
important stone gathers, and I do not know why I am doing it by myself to put it in salt water in the fu
ll moon.
I don’t even know if it’s just a feeling of tiredness, and I’m not interested in it.
I d
on’t know why, but some people may feel strange about what they’re doing because they want to.
You don’t have to brag about it, and you want to hide it.

But when I think about it, I think I’ve
been doing it naturally for a long time without anyone teaching me how to receive messages or purify things.
Wishing for people’s happiness, or applying symbols every time you see an ambulance,
or applying symbols to people with disabilities or people with hard faces.
here’s a part of me that’s been doing it for a
long time and it’s not something special, it’s a matter of course.
Maybe I haven’t seen it bef
Has the direction of seeing changed suddenly?

et’s look back a little bit on yesterday.
I work normally and watch public relation
s somehow during the evening break.
There is a donation for the person who is in need of life by the influ
ence of corona, and the de
tails are heard immediately by the telephone.
Because I was asked to come, I moved to a place for the first time, and I was surprised to receive shochu.
Of course, I see a lot of eyes.
Only what I saw when I can note because it is troublesome 99 666 666 77 8888 22 77 11 2222 22 7777 5 1111 7777 888 1 11 11 22 55 9 2 22 1111 999 8 9 2 11 555 555 5
55 555 555 1111 8888
look tremendous just out a little bit
this is just part of
I feel it in each sense, or it feels like a piece of mus
I think that it might be a word, but it is difficult to examine everything, and there was a number which looks well up to now, so it is simply described.

On the way home from the shochu, I was very grateful to have you prepare it in front of me, such as how clean it was, how good the
cospa was, and how to spend it properly.
I donated my dinner just because I wanted to eat it, and there’s no relevance to my feelings t
I think it might be strange from the point of view, but it was comfortable, so t
hat’s fine.
It is not the level to think that this is also forced to think that it is good, and it is not a level to say so, and it is good only, and it is a feeling like it is good.

I was going to visit my usual shrine on my way home, b
ut it was hot and I changed my mood, so I went home.
I get the feeling that messages such as not being alone or meeting are not at the physical level, but that I am already around, and I feel wh
at I was looking for.
You’ve been by my side for a long time. I’ve noticed that I was going to know.

I’ve been going to s
ome shrine every day for the past few days.
That’s fine, but I thought it was a higher l
evel of energy.
Now I feel like I’m already full that I don’t even need it

Come to think of it, I took a bath slowly
in a clean feeling yesterday.
I’ve always been concerned about my relatives’ shrines an
d temples.
I’m going to cleanse my drink before I go to bed.
It was de
licious as usual.

It was once in the last two weeks to keep a record on Google Calendar instead of a diary, but this time it’s been open for a month with a lot of motivat
It was a little hard, but I thought this and that had changed
in the last month.
After that, I look at the moon a little as usual and go to bed with a v
ideo streaming thanks for this and that.
Did something happen while you were sleeping?

Anyway, when I start the PC as usual I’ll leave it listed for myself, it’s a
real failure
I think it’s probably the main monitor rather than
a PC, but it doesn’t look pure white.
Well, I just felt that way, and
this is what I mentioned in my old notebook.
I was thinking of buying a new monitor one of these days, but I feel like I’m already being told that the active ones I’m going
to tell them are good, and I think I’ll get them if I need them.
Do you buy videos a
nd podcasts because you want to do them as your own pleasure?
I t
hink it doesn’t matter to me now

It was a thing like God even if the message which came d
own at the veranda breakfast did not do anything at any time.
I usually tell t
his in sentences and videos, but I didn’t think I had to do anything today.
In the first place, there
are a lot of gods, and the main image is a stone or a tree.
And yet I feel grateful

If there was a God, I think it’s okay just because it’s easier to understand if
you make it look mat
It is the heart that is
And from now on, the age of the heart
When I think about it, I somehow understand the meaning of the message, such as to be seen from God’s point of view.

I thought that point of view was not much fun.

Anything comes true as a matter of course, you can do anythin
g as a matter of course “It will be so” normally without Harahara or excitement
Because ther
e is a risk that it may fail that man is excited, too.
I thought everything was g
oing to be that way, and I thought it was boring.
By seeing that feeling, I somehow made the title the day I became a god.

It might be more appropriate to show the current from God’s poi
nt of view rather than to say that I became God.
I do not understand the meaning to write
this and upload it to the blog, and it might be good
even if it is not.
That’s because it doesn’t require any evaluation or meaning.
It might be useful for me at some
time to make it a text file as a mere memo as usual for myself.
I don’t know what to do after that.

Even with yesterday’s donation
, I thought it would be very comfortable for me to help or heal someone.
There’s nothing else.

Why are you writing this?

Why do you feel like leaving something like this?

Why would you want to publish something like this?

I don’t know at all, but without strange
Because I feel that it is better to do so indifferently, I try to up

Tomorrow, if I’m not good at it, I might be back to where I used
to be in a few hours.
Well, it’s not bad because it seems to have traveled to
a different world.