The possibility of corona infection!? Experiences and useful information 20200721

The possibility of corona infection!? Experiences and useful information 20200721


I wasn't infected, but I experienced the possibility of infection because there was an infected person in
an even shop.
Because I thought that it was 40% difficult jus
t to say the possibility,
I put together the actual flow and the thing which should be prepared.

1 What happened?

2 What you've done and what you've done

3 Things you should do

4 What I felt

It is a different flow than usual today!



1 What happened?


I usually visit McDonald's in my neighborhood because I have a lot of docomo points even though I don't usually go there.
I was going to
take it home when it was crowded, but it was so good that I could eat and drink in the shop.


I learned that there was an infected person at McDonald's at the shop where I went to eat dinner.
However, I don't know th
e details.


There are a lot of people taking pictures in front of McDonald's on the line from another acquaintance, so if you think about what's going on, you'll get information that an infected person came out on the 16th and has been closed since the 17th.

When I remember what I did the other day and somehow checked my action history, I found out what I was doing on the 16th.

Contact the public health center, etc. and listen to the response

(This area is described in detail separately below.)

I'll contact McDonald's, but I don't know the details.

Because the onset was a lot after five to six days, it becomes a situation to cancel the schedule of work and to change it by any emergency.

All appointments within two weeks have been changed.

The day ends with research, work adjustment, exchange, etc.

Waiting at home from this day

Know the current situation that occurs frequently at McDonald's and call attention to acquaintances, etc.

2 What you've done and what you've done

Check your action history by email to someone you know and on your Google Maps timeline.

Contact the public health center, etc. and listen to the resp
There are three places in this window.

What the country is doing

Osaka Prefecture is doing
What the c

ity is doing

First of all, call the city window.
Voice guidance is only pr

ovided with a separate number if you have flow symptoms
Because there is no symptom at a
ll, I cut it once.

Call the consultation desk in Osaka P
From the results, it seems

appropriate to call your own prefectural office.
It is asked about the progress and the pre
sence or absence of symptoms, and it is asked to see the medical institution because it is good anywhere when the symptom comes out by seeing the state for about five to
six days.
If you are infected with a corona, you should contact the public health center at t
hat time.
If you receive a medical examination, you will be instructed not to use public transportation an
d to wear a mask.
By the way, the consultation desk, etc. is
described below.

Call the consultation d
esk of the Ministry of Health, Labour
and Welfare
Unlike others, it feels like an interview.
In the end, you will be asked to call the prefectural consultation desk.

Call a McDonald's
It's closed, so no one's going out.

Call McDonald's headqua
What I wanted to know was whether

the infected person was from a department that had nothing to do with delivery, or a person who was making it, but it is said that it is not taught because of personal information.
However, in the investigati
on of the public health center, it ends with receiving a report that there is no person who has been in deep contact with the infec
ted person.
If it is a person who makes it, there is a risk of infection, but there is no thick contact, so I wanted to know there, but I do n
ot respond at all.
If you check the homepage without being asked this information, you will know that it occurred frequently in the whole country on the s
ame day

In the end, it is not touched by the extent that there is a possibility of infection, symptoms of 37.5 degrees or more is also 4 days and stifle, etc., even the story of the test does not come out if there is no
possibility of rich contact
And there's no such thing as asking for this information.

3 Things you should do

Put the app of Google Maps for a while and keep the action histo
Automatically recorded in the timeline in the map and only you can see

(If it does, you will be heard to act for about two weeks.)

Keep track
of your contacts and instructions

City Returnees and Contacts Consult
ation Center
Homepages of each city hall, etc.

Osaka Prefecture (I thin
k it's best to contact here)

Click here for
each prefecture.

If possible, be prepared by any way.
If you are not waiting at home, etc., it may be a good thi
ng to summarize your contact information easily.
It seems to be too free if I do
not bring it by myself because it is completely canned in the case of a hotel etc.
it's better to have TV phone skills, mentally tight.
I think that it is f
ar from it when it is severe, but I think that it is easier to organize the contact information etc. in that case.

4 What I felt

The connection of the nei
ghborhood is unexpectedly important.
What I learned this
time was not news, but information from acquaintances.
(There may be more
than you think or some things that are not widely report
If I didn't know, I might have just went to work.
There seems to
be a lot of people in the position that it is not possible to self-restraint personally.
I think that it is bet
ter to keep the mask and the hand wash
ing because it is thought that it lives normally.

Misunderstanding that it is safe when it is delivery
I went to McDonald's, there were many people in and out of Uber Eats and several other de
livery companies.
Like me, I think most of them end up irrelevant, but I can't say anything like the person who makes them.
In addition, in the ca
se of living alone, there is also an opportunity to eat out, but I think that each is careful, I
think that it is b
etter to pay particular attention to the system to eat by hand.
If there
is a fungus in the bag which wraps even if the hand is disinfected without speaking, potato is eaten by the hand.

Take it a rest with the app
I think that there are
some people who put it better than there is no app in the country which is not popular
Osaka Prefecture also
has its own system,
but either way, it is better to understand that it works only afte
r applying for further infection using the infected person.
McDonald's didn't have a
system in Osaka, and there was no app notification.

Asyn'tsa symptoms are unexpectedly troublesome
If I have any symptoms, I'll go to the hospital and I m
ay have tests.
I have to think about it by any way because there is a case of asyns asy00 in a trou
blesome thing.
Especially this time, the onset was often after 5-6 days, and because I was in charge of the course for seniors on that day, I
asked them to change in c
onsideration of the incident and put them on standby at home.
I have to think about
the risk of depression rather than being depressed to the extent that I can't see it.
On the 5th and 6th, I saw a chang
e in my physical condition and decided to act at a minimum for about two weeks, but I doubt how many people can do it.

Even if you're careful, for a moment.
I think that it
is a person who is careful to wear a mask, wash hands, disinfect it, etc. usually.
Because it is easy to wash the shopping of the supermark
et and the one
bought shifting the time, it might have become a stranger somewhere.
McDonald's wouldn't have come in if it was crowded, and I don't think it would ha
ve been an option if I had talked to someone for a long time, but I was completely in the mood for a little lunch.
I wondered if it would be a moment when I was changing my way of li
fe quite a bit, and I thought that everyone felt that I was.

They are troubled by disclosure
I think that I will contact the person w
ho came in contact if symptoms appear, but I think that it
is a point to worry unexpectedly whether to disclose it to anyone in th
e degree that the possibility is not 0 like this time
Personally, I trusted the person on
the job, so I contacted them immediately, and the other party readily agreed, but honestly I was wondering what to do with the shop where I went to eat dinner whe
re I was taught information.
If it's infected, I'll tell you, but when I said it at an unknown stage, the store couldn
't deal with it, and I felt it was
just going to cause anxiety.
In the
case of my favorite shop, I think that there are a lot of people who think
If you're
infected, you'll quickly turn into a nuisance.
I also felt that there may be a lot of people who shut their
mouths in this part to say that the number of infected
people is unknown.
After all, there is no change in p
hysical condition at all, so I notified you just in case,
but if it was a reaction, it wouldn't seem to be infected, so is it okay? I settled down to such a thing.
But I don't think I'll be eating out for about two weeks, and I don't think I'll see any
one individually.

It's easy to say PCR test.
It's not easy to do an inspection.
The basic is only if ther
e is a symptom or the doctor determines or there is a strong contact and there is a suspicion of infection
In addition, the probability of positives is also said to be about 60-70%, and the basic is used to "confirm" people with high susp
icion of infection.
not to

do "just in case" to a less likely person
If it's negative, it's the same t
hing as not testing.
Testing doesn't prove you're not infected.
There is a PCR test of about 50,000 yen
(actual cost) in the private sector, but the purpose itself is not to find the infected person, but only to prove that it is not infected by all means, and on the contrary
, the person with high doubt is not subject to inspection.
By all means, "Is it safe to go to the office?" There seems to be a cas
e where it is refused without including the thing of the degree.
Some are similar and check whether they have been infected in the past, such as a new coronavirus antibo
dy test, but the reality of the coronavirus itself is not yet well understood, so it is not something that will never take again just because it took once.

Are there any other people or alertness due to fatigue or heat?
I think I was more careful than before that I would be okay because I was refraining from eating out.
Fortunately, I think that the influence is sm
all because it is a telework subject originally, but I think that there are a lot of people who worry because the rumor is inevitable at the time of taking a leave of office if this is a person who needs to commut
I hear the story that the uneasy person who does not understand well is afraid, and it is forced to move, and it becomes an atmosphere that it is forced to retire even if it heals.
It's going to hurt to lose your job at this time of yea
r, and if you're a family member, I think some people ev
en get afraid to kiss you if you're a couple you're going out with for a short time.
I felt it was so hard just to go to the
infected shop, so I think that if you actually get infected, you will suffer even greater damage with the di
I was able to get through with the sudden change of schedule, but on TV, I only call the number of infecte
d people in a series, and I do not know the details.

It is said
that there are 500,000 people who have already been infected nationwide, and it is said that there are quite a
few spread of asynthes infection.
Wasn't it that you were introduced by a customer to a McDonald's that washes your hands like surgery with
a strict manual? There are a lot of opinions such as, and if that happens, there
will be asytonless infected people in the area where they live and they will have visited the store.
However, I think that i
t is unlikely because it is thought that there is not much thick contact in McDonald's that it will do han
d washing and disinfection though it is not known
how it was infected, and the mask is

a person who does not know and lives normally
People who know but think it's okay because they don't have symptoms
People who are anxious but in trouble if they
n't keep it a secret

e t
t there are more people like that than you think.
Also, I want you to b
ecome a party by a small thing from other people's affai
rs, and think about the damag
received at that time and thereafter.
Fortunately, it was a healthy body without any symptoms
five to six days, but I was horrified by the size of wh
at I would lose if I thought that I should have sy
"I just had a quick hamburger at McDonald's."
became such a situation, and it was made to
think about this and that.

What should I do?
After all, until vaccines and treatments are established, the only way to avoid three things is to
disinfect your fingers and wear a mask.

I'm not going to stress my fear and fuel my anxiety, and I think there's only so mu
ch I can do.
I wanted you to realize not only the disease such as coronavirus, but also the one that accompanies it
, so I put it together.
The number of infected people is increasing nationwide again.

Everyone is af
fected, and I think it's hard for everyone,
I would like you to think about it again.

While wishing to converge quickly,
I hope this experience will be useful to someone.

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