I can't get there. I can't find you.

I can't get there. I can't find you.


I can't get there. I can't find it. You think there are times when you feel something like that.

Thank you for always reading.

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Well, I can't get there. I think there are times when you feel something like that.

I'm working hard, but I can't get there.

I'm looking for it, but I can't find it.

It's supposed to work efficiently, but
it doesn't work.

I'm at a loss what to do

I'm in a hurry to do something about it.

I'm about to give up

I think that each person has something to feel.

"Once in a while, it's a waste of time."

I think it's easier for a decen
t person to fall into, but

To be more efficient,

It's going to be faster.

More certainly,

It is easy to pursue only there.

the part that seems useless to be omitted

That's why it's one way to be conscious and try to take in useless parts.

I don't do my best in vain.

It doesn't change what I'm conscious of.

Be honest with your feelings,

a valuable part that is not control
led by gain or loss or later

Like the way I used to stop when I was a child

In the part that I think is useless,

There are times when unexpected treasures are falling.

If you look at it over a long span,

position of wast
might change, too.

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