Numbers interesting after colonoscopy 20200709

Numbers interesting after colonoscopy 20200709



This is just a diary, so it's a personal record.

It doesn't do any good.

(It's raining, I wonder if it's a figure)


I'm going to make it an
article again, but the eye-sighting rate is too high,

If you do a little research,

Angel number is unexpectedly interesting!

What the hell is that?

Instead of focusing on the bad parts,

Because it is explained by focusing on the good part,

It might be a field that I like unexpectedly.

I don't know if it's a difference that's not a secret,

I don't really care about numbers, but

Today, in order to schedule a colonoscopy,

Is it because I moved to a hospital that I don't usually go to?

There were quite a few things that I was worried about by the number of the car.

I'm not looking so hard that I take pictures,

It was something that I was worried about somehow,

Just remember,


1717 (I'm sure you saw this yesterday too)



I don't know if there was anything after that, but

Well, it's like this.

There are usually a lot of times,

In June, it's like, "I'm going to look at something."

I'm taking as many images as I've noticed,

I think that there were a lot of 000 series or 111 series 222 series.

Only three or more digits of the basic "? I though
t, "What's going on?"

When I see the flow, it is connected with other situations and it is interesti

Divinity system or Chimpung Kampung burn,

Well, I believe in good things with all my might.

For the time being, colonoscopy was decided on the 27th.

I hope I don't have polyps this year.

If it is not, it seems to reduce it to about once every two years,

If there is, it becomes an a
nnual event.

Well, I'm sure I'm removing it once every two years.

I had it removed last year, so it's subtle.

Well, I'm going to go like yes.

On the way back, I went to a shrine for the first time in a lon
g time.

Working differently than usual,

I thought it was going to rain.

It doesn't go well with the rain.

It's a
ll over the place.

I'm lucky enough to give you a good part (Chelsea style)

Even if I read it to such a place,

That's going to ha
en soon!

I'm lookin
ward to it.

Thank you for always reading.

It is an article not written in Ameblo.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for connecting!

Oh, my God.

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