Maybe I'm running a little too fast 20200707

Maybe I'm running a little too fast 20200707



This is just a diary, so it's a personal record.

It doesn't do any good.

Thank you for always reading.

(Figure of reading glasses rate increases as detailed work of PC increases)

When I sa
y it's a dream, I only see hopeless things.

I had a rare little bit of a muffled dream.

There's only so many things I can count to live like this.

Even if it is said that it is Mufufu, it is simply

Why all-you-can-eat inn?? And

I passed by an old person I knew.

That's all there is to it, but

After that, please guess how you
usually do not have a decent dream.

Thanks to the tension high,

Work Forward

It's very different from what was caused by a line call from a person involved in my work yesterday.

The beginning of the day is important!

I hope it's a wake-up call that raises tension every day.

On the other hand,
I think I'm running too fast.

Well, to make a video through (Sorry Masapi 21 system),

Now that you've had a paragraph,

I do
n't know if it's any other business.

Don't write this with a lot of momentum.

I'm sorry.

It is an article not written in Ameb

Thank you for r

Thank you for connecting!

Oh, my God.

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