Eye zone for the first time 20200701

Eye zone for the first time 20200701



This is just a diary, so it's a personal record.

It doesn't do any good.


(It's not an Evangelion-like one.)

Thank you for always reading.

I've been very uns motivated since yest

I was wondering if it was because of the weather.

Anyway, my eyes are tired.

You're reducing your PC work.

I feel like I've been over-using only my left eye for quite some time,

Sometimes it's very hard.

It seems that there is a habit to look at it with one eye when examining it smoothly yesterday.

My left
eye has been so funny that I've been crying since I got up today.

It's rare, isn't it?

Oh, my God.

Let's buy an eye band while going to buy eye drops! I went to the Drak store immediately.

While buying a too much Iranmon,

Even though it's not Arafo, I bought a smile 40,

I tried to attach an eye band for the first time.

Oh, my Go on.

Reading glasses from the top.

Do you have a strange shoulder? Do you have a backache??

I don't have the usual balance.

When I look at it with only my right eye, I feel that it is quite different from usual.

Maybe I had a habit of looking only at my left eye after all!

I'd like to try it on while watching a little.

Because I also sold a putt for habit improvement,

People who get tired of only one eye unexpectedly,

You might have a strange habit, right?

By the way, "I thought it was a surprise" in the drak store

You're paying for plastic bags from today, right?

I had my bag because I was going to the supermarket a while ago.

I let my guard down

It is an article
t written in Ameblo.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for connecting!

Oh, my God.

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