I never thought I'd have insomnia. 20200628

I never thought I'd have insomnia. 20200628



This is just a diary, so it's a personal record.

It doesn't do any good.

(For the time being, the left hand is a figure of the waist and nen.

Thank you for always reading.

No, no, no, no.

I've been in insomnia for some time.

Is it because it's getting hot and humid?

I turned away for three to four hours,

I'm going this way,

I've already given up trying to get up,

I'm still trying to rest even a little,

I haven't b
een able to sleep for the past few days.

Awakening pe
riod in me

It's not like I can't sleep because I'm worried about this and that.

You say it's strange, or

You say that only the head works,

What the hell is that?

Why don't you work anyway? And pull out the PC,

Sometimes I work, but

You can overwrite the old file with USB at the en
d of the last

I've been waiting lately because I'm goin
g to fail.

I have a strange e-mail.

I've been doing a bug fix for the site,

"You worked for me in the middle of the night!" 」

Thank you very much.

If you look at the time, it's 3 a.m.

After sleeping once for sure,

It's not that I don't feel like I've woken up and worked on it.

However, even if it is a part that I have to work with a little careful,

I've fin
ally done this work! I was surprised at my e-mail.

It's too scary.

It was good because t
here was no trouble,

If I decide to go to bed, I don't want to go to bed.

In the old days,

The catch copy about going to bed is

I did it anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

You've become delicate.

It's ju
st a record that doesn't matter.

It is an article not written in Ameblo.

It was finally continued.

It doesn't mea
n anything, but it'
updated at 20:00.


Thank you for reading!

Thank you for connecting!

Oh, my God.

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