here and this work 20200621

here and this work 20200621



This is just a diary, so it's a personal record.

It doesn't do any good.

(Illustration of a plan to increase the monitor to eliminate the need for reading glasses)

I've reviewed the work of changing the routine a little bit,

I feel that the amount of writing here and there has increased overwhelmingly.

I want to do Yotsube's up as soon as possible,

If you think about efficiency and things to do, you can't keep up.

I know I have to sort it out.

I'm sorry for people who can't find what they want to do.

On the other hand, it might be a problem to be too much.

or if you read back past texts or blog articles,

I might think that it is a sentence that is really poor and there is no unity.

Well, let's say that we're growing up.

It is an article
t written in Amebl

hank you for reading!

Thank you for connecting!

Oh, my God.

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Please read someone because you are poor
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It's helpf
ul, so you can hel
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You'll have the most
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