FLET'S Light Router Replacement Results 20200619

FLET'S Light Router Replacement Results 20200619


This is just a diary, so it's a personal record.

It doesn't do any good.

(Really, it is a figure that should be a pair of pants)

The net is rarely cut, so you've been talking to NTT for a long time, have you?

If the contact point of inquiry is something bad, I'm doing it now,

There is a time when it is cut off when not the wireless but the wire is noti

It's not because of the radio waves, is it? Did you hear th

"Restart the router."

No no

Such a thing or browser cache deletion or update,

You wrote that you did a certain thing and sent it to me, didn't you?

It's just a boring answer,

At the end of the day, the department will change, so please come here.

"I'll just rewrite it again!" 」

What about that?

I thought that it was troublesome to restart in the first place,

As soon as I put the wording of "We are a
lso considering transfering to another company".

I got a phone call.

"I'll come to your home!" 」

"We also changed the wiring outside." 」

"I'm new to the router!" 」

I just don't know what you're talking about.

After all, I changed the router to a new one the other day,

I also set up Wi-Fi,

This time I'm going tFLET'S Optical Routero cut it off for a moment.

I don't
need to restart my router.

Reload is required.

"Well, maybe it's the computer side."

Is there anything that might cause you to think so? If you inquire,

This time I got a phone call all of a sudden.

"Let me replace the router!" 」

No, no,
I just changed it to new the other day, right?

I had you look at the wiring, too.

You said it was a new type of router.

"Actually, y
our router will be an old model, so we will replace it with a new model."

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You heard that, didn't you?

In, after all, I have you come again today and the exchange is completed!

The Wi-Fi setting is also re-set.

I'm really good at these fFLET'S Optical Routerields.

THE person of NTT is MAX, i
sn't it? It's so fast that I say.

It's so stable now.

I can use 5G.

There are three SSIDs.

SevenFLET'S optical line speed years? I'm using it close,

I thin
k it's funny that there's only the same router all the time.

I don't want to make these kinds of confirmations on a regular basis to some
extent, right?

If there is a person who uses it for a long time and uses it integrated,

Because the usual exchange becomes a fee,

If you contact me because of a breakdown,

They'll exchange it for free!

Saying that it do
esn't do any good,

It might be a little useful!

The rec
ommended net line is

Thank you for

Thank you for co

Oh, my God.
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