Does soy sauce rot?? 20200618

Does soy sauce rot??

This is a diary of a dedicated crappy daily life.

It doesn't do any good.

It is an article not written in Ameblo.

(It is a figure of a strong person who usually does not break the stomach)

Soy sauce
is the only cause of yesterday's stomachache.

I only eat lunch and chilled food at the supermarket.

The only thing that's suspicious is the soy sauce that's sitting down in my house.

I tried to find out if it was going to rot.

It is hard to rot basically, but there seems to be mold and dark browning a
nd because it becomes sour.

It seems to be worried about bacteria and oxidation rather than rotting.

So, my house is,

It's certainly dark (it was solid under)

Persistence or small grains? It was like.

I put tofu on it and said, "What? I didn't think so, but

Well, I wonder if it was too early to say such a thing and norm

The smell isn't strange, so I don't think it's rotten.

As a result, I f
elt sick because I was hungry.

"You don't use soy sauce
or seasonings that much 1 person, do you?" 」

I don't know if soy sauce is the cause, but

Well, since I'm sitting down,
(and room temperature)

There is a thing of the flavor, too, and it is likely to replace it.

If you think so and look at the package without any notice.

It has been a whole year since the expiration date.

What kind of sitting down!

With a 450ml one,

There's not much left, but

It seems that soy sauce can clean around the range, so I'll do it!

No, it'
s too much!

Thank you for

Thank you for conn

Oh, my God.
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