You don't have a low sense of self-affirmation. Are you making fun of me for praising you?

You don't have a low sense of self-affirmation. Are you making fun of me for praising you?


This is a diary of a dedicated crappy
daily life.
It doesn't do any good.

It is an article not written in Ameblo.

(Hey, you're serious, right?) Figures of)

I tal
ked to an old friend on the phone for the first time in a long time yesterday.

We both have a low sense of self-affirmation.

It became a topic such as how to avoid it and how to feel it,

In my own way,

No matter how trivial it is, "I was able to do well!" Or,

"I'm amazing!" It became better while praising it out to the mouth?

When you're talking about things like that,

Well, that's what I understand and it's often said,

In my case, I couldn't get the feeling that I was being made fun of.

It's too natural.

Extreme story When you can put on your own shoes

If I were you, I'd say, "I'm amazing!" You put on your shoes! 」

She said she couldn't have the feeling that she was making a fool of her.

"Isn't the premise different?" 」

This caused the caroko to fall from her eyes.

It is also different for each person to feel a low sense of self-affirmation,

What's different about this assumption is that

I feel like she made a fool of me.

use it is a premise that it is possible to do and it is natural.

In my case, I ca
n't do it, but it's a premise.

If you think about it with your shoes,

In her case, you can wear as many shoes as you can!

There is resistance to the part to praise it.

But in my case, it's much lower

Because it is a premise that there is no way that I can wear shoes,

Even if it might be the opposite
of the left and right, whether you wear separate shoes,

"You put it on, right?" When it is praised or praised,

It becomes one evaluation.

When you're talking about things like that,

I was surprised that I had never thought about it before.

I thought that there was a kind and a way of feeling in the low sense of self-affirmation.

Instead of comparing yourself to someone else,

Even if it is n
atural from other people's point of view,

If it's a hurdle for me,

Because it is not a level that others evaluate,

I said, "You've done well!" I think that it i

praise it.

You don't
have to think hard.

Because it's just a habit of thinking,

I think I can change it if I'm conscious of it.

Especially, because
it is not written collectively,

It is an article not in Ameblo.

Thank you for reading!

hank you for connecting!

Oh, my God.
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