It's hard to find out.

It's hard to find out.

This is a diary of a dedicated crappy dail
y life.
It doesn't do any good.

It is an article not written in Ameblo.

(I don't know what it is, but the onigiri is not over my head.)

hard to get into the habit at first, isn't it?

I'm changing my routine now.

I'm going to review it on a regular basis, but

You're spending more time writing, are you?

Each field is different, but

There is also that I left this blog system a little too much,

Ameblo is also important,

You're the main one! Remember that,

So I'm going to get into the habit of updating the casual diary part, so I'm going to go to the present.

I wonder if I can take on a new challenge in such a place.

Youtube was opened at the same time, wasn't it?

To tell you the truth, youtube channels have been around for quite some time in other fields,

I'm still updating when I feel like it.

But I don't know what to say.

In this blog or Ameblo, what is the field of the most?

Personally, I've been doing pretty embarrassing parts,

I mean, I'm doing it in secret.

I mean,
I'm going against SEO and I'm not going to find it,

I want to write,

It's kind of embarrassing to be seen, isn't it?

So this blog-related youtube channel is also

's like I just made it for the time being,

did it once. I'm not good at it."

I put a reason and an excuse to myself only by feeling,

I'm not going to let you go.

You're secretly exposing me, are you?

It's just like thanking you for the article you commented on,

I was wondering what it would be like not to announce anything,

You don't read it, do you? It is written secretly in the part.

Like the small letters of pamphlets and contracts, "but in the case of 100",

"I just announced it, didn't I?" It's like that.

"I found out! 」

I'm a person who always sends kind comments,

He is a very nice person to choose words,

If you think it's amazing,

also got a message of Ameblo to youtube,

I am sorry

I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep(#^.^#)

It's not a strange meaning.

From the height of the recent slea-eye sighting rate,

When something new starts,

It's written quite a bit that it's going to be a really good flow, but

in a way that can't be said in words

Did you come? Becau
se I felt that it because it bed because it bed because it bed because it bed.

Not only this blog and youtube, but also other parts have become quite clear.

Please guess because it is difficult in words.

For the time being, I'm going to go back and make as much as I've been commented on.

It also said that the system was put in place by new software yesterday.

I think that's the case with everyone.

After all, at the b
est timing,

I think the most necessary things ar

It's up to you h
ow you catch it, isn't it?

If you have commented, we will conta
ct you later.

What's that?

It's just a record and it's useful, right?

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for connecting!

Oh, my God.
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