How to find talent? I want talent!?

How to find talent? I want talent!?


Sometimes you feel like you don't have talent or you want talent, do
n't you?

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I want talent.(Leave it to the amazing people to get in without your know!) Figures of)

Well, sometimes you
feel that you don't have talent or that you want talent, don't you?

Take a look at books and videos to find talent,

It's clear! I'm looking for it because I want to say,

I gave up because I didn't have it originally.

I think there are times when people think about their talents,

I wonder if there are some people who are looking for a different part
in a sense? I also think.

"I can only do this. 」

If you're so impressed,

If someone did something for you,

Let's at least want to give it back.

Even if the value is not equal,

I think I'm going to do something.

Put it in your heart or in your mouth

"I'm sorry. I can only do this. 」

Even if you say that, what you do is different from person to person.

The p
erson who can take the reaction that the other party is afraid.

A person who writes a letter of gratitude.

The person who attaches a message of thanks to the illustration.

The person who sings a song.

At least go eat as much as rice! And the person who recommends it.

a person who makes small items and returns them

People who spread it as a good evaluation.

A person who will teach you something.

The person who compensates and helps the other party's weak.

There are so many kinds that there is no end to it.

Not everyone can do everything.

My talent is

It's too natural and it's too much to see.

People who are pessimistic that they don't have talent

You're just looking at the results and the values, right? I think.

Very naturally.

It's quite natural.

The part that expresses gratitude in an easy range is all my talent.

If you look for it from a special result or value, you will not be able to see that part.

If you increase only such a thing, your vessel will spread.

If only such a thing is pursued, it
s possible to excel.

is is the only thing you were born with.

If you d
eny only such a thing, you might notice
that it is special.

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