I'm sorry. It's no use denting it. 20200609-10

I'm sorry. It's no use denting it. 20200609-10

ause it is a diary, it is just a personal record.

Well, I'm not feeling well here and there,

Even if I decided to update this blog every day,

In the first place, I couldn't concentrate on writing.

You don't think "I want to write" like before, do you?

I'm working on new things r
ight now, and I'm doing video editing and so on.

I don't know what's superfluous,

I might get angry when I see people who are worried about "I can't find what I want to do."

In the exact opposite, "there are too many things I want to do",

I think that it was conscious only how to do it efficiently.

As a result, I'm too tired to concentrate, so I'm inefficient.

I think that it is a part that falls into the part that the person who says that it is not a hard work shop or chan,

I thought that I did it at all even if I thought that I had graduated.

What I need now is a rest.

Even if I am clearly aware of it, I can't take a good rest.

At that time, I'm going for a light walk to the waterfall in my neighborhood.

After all, it became like a part of the work by taking a movie.

I'm going to make a video again, but I failed and came back with incomplete

It's still a haze.

I went to a movie theater with few people thinking that I would be absent the next day.

It was fun, but it's

And I thought I had to rest myself

I decided to go to a massage that I hadn'
t been there for a long time.

That's June 9th.

I failed here with a more subtle feeling than I thought.

Moreover, I carry a laptop while saying that I will rest,

I thought I was reall
y bad at taking a day off.

After that, I have to do what I wanted to do! I ate rice like,

Well, that's where it all started.

I drank and walked.

you sure you're all right five or six years ago? There was a time when I was wandering around the city at night.

At that time, I thought I was having fun,

I think it was really fun.

But one time, I noticed that this was just cheating something,

I quit suddenly.

You felt useless in a way, don't you?

After that, I didn't even have any interest and hardly walked around drinking,

Is it okay to go out to the town at night at this time of year? While feeling that,

There might be a part that was already done.

It's like if you don't have a lot of customers,

In the end, there were about six ladders.

I can't remember the
order in which I went,

I think it's quite a shame,

I think I seded so much money that I was surprised.

It wasn't until morning like it used to be, but

e next day with a mild hangover,

From the moment you wake up, your regrets begin to be so depressing.

I used to live my life without waste.

I was conscious of how to spend money and time for myself.

You've already graduated, have you?

Haven't you grown up since then?

It's been a day when I can't do anything today.

I started blaming
you with all my might.

I thought this was a good thing,

Anyway, I don't do anything for a day today.

I don't think about anything.

If you want to take a day off tomorrow, you don't have to do anything.

Let's just loiter.

That's what you decided to do, and you didn't even get the information in your ear, did you?

It's just a quiet room.

What I needed
now was

I noticed that it was "wasteful and dented".

It's not just 4 assets.

There are intangible assets, and it looks useless at first look.

And, it does not really do anything because it dents as much as possible.

When I think about it, I think I've been working hard,

I think I was always thinking about my work while I wanted to take a break.

I think that the basic is attached there from the type of efficiency emphasis.

I thought I was useless and avoided it.

It is the thing that it is
depressed because it does.

There was a real holiday in it,

I think there are things that start to show everything as clearly as I am now.

Let's do it right!

We're got to get it right!

Be efficient!

The type who thinks so is not known somewhere greedy, right?

I get ener
"waste, dent",

This is how we move forward.

In the long running, I don't know how efficient Honmamon is.

It was around the full moon in June that I thought so.

And now..

There are a lot of people around who have been out of tune rece

I think that there is the one of the season and the atmosphere,
too, so please take care of your pace now.

It's a long way to go. There's still more to co

Oh, my God.
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