Do you work what you like? What can I concentrate on? The reality of glitter?

Do you work what you like? What can I concentrate on? The reality of glitter?

I thought I might not be as focused as I used to be recently, but

Maybe the pace is out of order because of the corona.

So, when I'm so focused that I forget about rice, I think about when.

When I'm writing like this.

When you're toying with the site.

When you are toying with the program system.

When I'm doing things like disassembling my computer.

When the system is assembled.

When I'm doing vi
deo editing and so on.

After all, there are a lot of personal computer entanglements,

I thought that if I started to concentrate on one thing, I would get involved.

Well, this is also my job.

In a sense, I think I'm doing what I love to do at work.

I hated the details originally, but I wonder.

It's just that I'm thinking of writing another book.

"Doing what you love to work" isn't all fun like life's rosy, is it?

I looked at freelance and U-Tuber,

Get up at any time and do what you want to do,

You don't have to deal with people you don't like.

It's even more sp

I think that there are a lot of people who feel that way,

The reality is unexpectedly sober.

In particular, if self-management is not thorough,

It really feels like it.

Including not only life but also physical condition, right?

Even if it looks sparkly,

It is a cutout of SNS,

Not all the time.

Most of them do a lot of hard work,

There's no such thing as a bad person,

If you limit it to that point, you'll end up in a situation where you don't have to talk to anyone for days.

Such I also thoroughly manage
the time to work,

You can manage your maintenance objectively, including mental,

I really think self-control is necessary.

Well, there are good parts and bad parts of everything, right?

By the way, in the request that you want to restore only one article that has
disappeared today by all means,

I'm exhausted by the database of WP.

If I do my own
site, I feel free to do it

The reply work of the mail is in the middle of the night.

nd now..

Oh, my God.
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