"I'm so sorry! How to handle?

"I'm so sorry! How to handle?


WellBut don't get angry., you're waiting for the signal while you're traveling by bicycle yesterday, right?

There are usually other people waiting for me, but

Deb riding a chari
passing in front,

"I'm in the way!" Get out of the way! 」

It's gone while saying.

Are you talking to me by any chance? A
nd then,

I was strangely disgusted.

It's not what I'm told,

If you really want to argue t
hat it's disturbing,

Even if I stop, I think I'll say it to my face,

You're not in the way because you're running normally, aren't you?

I just wanted to take it out on someone,

I'll give you a reason whatever you want,

The one who said because it was "a state that is not said back".

I don't know.

It is the same as the guy who happens to the clerk, and it is the type that I personally dislike?

I think that I in the past chased immediately and talked in detail,

I was in a very hurry,

There's no merit,

People around me looked at me and said, "What's that guy?" It went through from the feeling.

However, I think that there are times when it
is strangely disgusting though it is a trivial thing.

I think that there are some people who usually have stress at work.

Say it to someone.

I say it even if it is a monoloth.

If the other party is there, say it directly.

If I can't help it, I'll write it.

It's really much better than that.

I think this is what spits out after all.

If you don't spit out the little things, they'll swell like poison.

It is easily forgotten when it spits out.

Before you delve too deep into the little things,

I think it's better to have your own way of spitting out quickly.

By the way, there was a good thing to forget such a thing at once yesterday,

So it was Chara.

(I write w
hile saying)

The person
who can complain seriously
is very valuable.

So as not to become a one-way street,

I want t
o take good care of the other party, too, don't I?

And now..

Oh, my God.
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