The affation has changed.

I'm free to write personal diaries and things that I don't like.

Before you know it, you wake up every morning and tell me about your affation.

Didn't you say that what you've
been using up until now doesn't fit well?

I think I've given so much thanks to people all over the world and so much thanks."

I stopped
recently when something was different from the middle.

This is what I'm going to do today.

"We are able to remove the anxiety and fear of peop
le all over the world and give them dreams, hopes, and light. I was surprised that it turned into and came out suddenly.

It might be an oversled thing to ge
t rid of people's fears and fears,

It's not at the level of what I can or
can't do,

I feel like I'm feeling good about it because I'm so good at it.

Because what everyone wants is a release from anxiety
and fear, right?

You want money?

You want to fall in love,

You want to be a good company,

In the end, I wonder if I'm working hard now to be safe? What

On the other hand, if there is peace of mind, I'll try my best so that the order is wrong,

If that's what you're lo111 Szorooking for,

Wouldn't it be s
o much easier if you noticed that you got it first? I wonder if it's like

The eyes are still going on,

There's a lot of 111.

I don't care, and I don't sav
e it every time, so it's really a lot.

a premonition that something new will start

When I think about it that way, I can't help but want to throw it away.

I am convinced of the current situation that Bang Bang has been cut off,

I'm observing the space open.

I met a person who apparently
needs me today by the introduction of an acquaintance a
t once.

I feel like it's going to be somethi
ng interesting.

I haven't become a habit of writing every day.

osting time is different.

I'm sorry because it's a gap time.

Well, it's just a person
al record.

And now..

Oh, my God.
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