I've been addicted lately.

I've been addicted lately.


Well, I wrote it the other day, but "habit" doesn't last until it becomes mandatory at first.

While thinking that I will write a diary,

After all, I'm going to go out of my way.

Well, it's a little, isn't it?

So, what I've been addicted to lately is

"Veranda rice"

I tried to e
at bread and coffee in the morning on the veranda before.

I was pretty embarrassed at first,

Even if it is not possible to protect it from the gap,

If there is a sign of a person,

I also tur
n off the sign,

I was a little nervous.

afraid to get used to it.

Recently, each frying pan that I made fried egg,

I eat breakfast on the veranda as a matter of course.

No rainy days, but

When th
e weather is nice, it's nice.

I think it depends on the season.

Dinner is also a little picnic feeling when it is a lunch box,

When I eat on the veranda,

You can see the moon,

I feel happy.

This is also thanks to Corona.

A little happiness is pi
led up,

When you notice that it is full of happiness,

In any situation,

It might not be bad unexpectedly!

I don't know what it's like