You! You're working hard, aren't you?

You! You're working hard, aren't you?

I think some people are working hard, don't they?

Thank you f


always rea

I'm trying too hard.

(Am I the only one who worries too much after the sunburn when it becomes summer as it is?) Figures of)

Well, I think some people are working hard, don't they?

Straight towards something,

With all my might toward something,

ingle-mindedly toward something.

Whatever the matter with you,

I really think everyone is working something.

The appearance that a person works hard is beautiful,

to give courage to others,

To give hope,

I think that it pretends to be noticed and happiness.

It's great that you're working hard.

That's why I want you to remember.

"You're great if you're not working hard."

I think that it is g
ood if the action such as working hard now is comfortable.

But I thought, "Are you a little tired?" When I felt that way,

There are many times when I'm more tired than I think.

The person who works too hard is going through the sense.

That's because I feel that the only thing that's great is to work hard.

To improve your skills to move forward,

Skills such as pulling out, resting, and stopping are too low.

Because he is a person who can work hard,

I'm really conscious of your skills,

It might be better to think about how to rest yourself.

It is so that a car that can run at high speed needs a brake that can stop safely,

I think I need to be on the same set.

Because it slows down, the field of view expands.

It is noticed that it did not notice because it stops.

It is only when you look back that you can clearly see where you are.

What you want to get after working hard is

There are many times when I'm lying in a different world.

Just remember that you can adjust even if you run or stop,

I'm not good at it, I'm going to do my best, I'm not going to do my best,

You might notice that it's from another world.

You're the only one in the wor

You'll have the mo
wonderful moment in the world! (^o^)/

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