They have a terrible eye-sighting rate

They have a terrible eye-sighting rate

Come to think of it, I'm going to take this blog in a different shape than usual,

I was going to write and update what I usually feel every day,

Habits are scary.

I've completely forgotten.

I don't tZoromehink I'll get anyt
hing from a diary or a personal blur,

It's your own record, right?

The sighting rate of the last one or two months is high,

Because it is not the type to be conscious of such a thing so much originally,

I've left it quite a bit,

I see it when I'm too surprised,

Because there are several times a day if it is bad,

It's funny if you look a little bit, isn't it?

a number that came out well

At first


After that, the <a0>





I'm more than three digits, but if it's two digits, there wa
s also 1818 and so on.

I wonder if the number of 000 has increased recently?

Well, I'm the type who doesn't really care about that kind of thing,

It is supported in other this time,

There is a feeling tha
t changes in a very good way,

I don't know. A sense of stability? Because there is such a thing,

Maybe something's going to change, right?

I'm looking forward to it!

I started to upload it with the intention of thanking the person who had been commented on by Yotsube.

I don't think I like what I see like this, but I'll just announce

Well then, let's see.

Oh, my God.

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