I wonder if I've finally lost my strength.

I wonder if I've finally lost my strength.

This is just a diary.
I'm j
ust writing and leaving it for my own records, so I'm writing without t
hinking about it.
Maybe it won't do you any good.

For a regular Masapi 21 world article, please refer to the category "I've
noticed it now".


I was looking for this and that to try to pull out my strength, bu
t I feel like I've finally come into view when I wake up in the morning.
The thing to do is to update the diary part for the time being.

When I thought about it, I did it just a record when I was doing it.

It is a feeling that the a
nswer came out at last when I tried it and went round and round.

Feel f
ree to write

Write as it is,

It's not for anyone.

nfigurations, keywords, and things like that,
As a record for myself without thi
nking about reactions and access at all,
I remembered
that I had done the origin of
what I was writing.

This blog might h
ave been close to that at first
, but
There's not too much access,
Because it was necessary to know the flow of Ameblo,
I also used some Ameblo version,
I think it was just a confirmation work.

What's your real sty
le here?

Whether there is a ty
po or no context,
don't know i
f there's any message or not.
Just what happened and
at I thought.
What I've noticed

The contents tha
t were described in the notebook in the old days,
I just migrated to the blog,

That's it, isn't it?

Because t
he times are more of a neat shape than
What's g
oing on with everyone? I'm worried about,
In fact, the trend is changin

Videos of poor people mak
ing ends meet,
The backs
tory of various people,
s nothing but everyday,

I'm going to do someth
ing like that myself,
been looking for this and that,
There was a lot of power i
n it.

I don't know about
les and so
and so on.
n y Ya
I don't know what kind of kettle it is.
I thought I was going to cut out my strength.

It's up to you what you think.

Even if it gives notice or it is a big thing,

Yes, even if I don't do my best,

When the person who sees it grabs something without permission, it seems to be a good feeling,

Now that I can write in a light way,

I feel like I'm finally out of power.

I've been re
ading the Ameblo version of this article for some mon
Even if there is a story, it was not possible to upd
ate it as "something d
Some way into myself

If you don't write proper sentences,
How to line up Japanese,
You want to clarify the message,
That's what I'm talking about.

I think that I came
to be concerned with the
quality in that.

If you notice
, read it
over and over again,
The quality is raised.
I think that's it, but
There was such a thing as "Let's do it properly some way" isn't there?

If you leave your area of expertise to someone else, yes.

And now
I can do it naturally

Because I felt that way,
I'm out of my way.

The moment
I lost my stren
And the magic whiteboard
Overflowed with ideas and messages.

(I finally got back, but it's the default that I can't read every time.)

For the time bein
g, I wrote a diary onl
y here,
Let's make a record for ourses!

I'd b
e more clutte
I'm more free
I can leave it t
o others more.

What is this "as it is"?