In the pocket of 11.800 billion yen.

In the pocket of 11.800 billion yen.


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Now, what if about 11.800 billion yen is my own?

It's too sudden and I don't know if it's the focus, but

Assets of Jeff Bezoz (Amazon CEO), ranked No. 1 in the world's asset management rankings in 2018.

fine numeric things as uh,

If this much asset is yours,

How do you feel?

I'm sure you can do that, too.

I want to do that.

I'll do it this way.

I think this and that will come out.

And even if it's a bank

Whether it's a push-in,

Even if it's a secret place

I think just alone will change my feelings.


If you look at the money itself as if it were a thing,

It's so heavy that it's impossible to walk with everything

Even if it is a piece of paper, it also has a place.

On the other hand, if it's gone,

This time I feel uneasy,


I think I'll put up with it.

There's only an object like money out there.

Just because it's there or not,

Even if you don't use it,

You can rest assured,

You can think of possibilities,

You can have hope,

It affects this and that.

Is this different from human beings?

I don't think I have any value.

If you don't do anything, you can't do it.

I don't have much or not.

Just because it doesn't exist there,

Even if you don't notice it yourself,

I think it's affecting people around me.

Even if it is a god of death,

Even if it's the devil,

Even if he's a weird guy,

If I were to give you 11.8 trillion yen,

Even if it is said that it exchanges it for your life,

I think a normal person would refuse.

Because it's worth more than that.

Even if I think that it is not good now,

Even if you think it's too small now,

If you don't think it's of any use right now,

Its value is changing rapidly,

I can change it.

Is it there?

Do you exist or not?

11.800 billion yen is there?

Just like it's affecting this and that,

You're there, right?

It just affects me more than I think.

The possibility of 11.8 trillion yen is inde ratioable.

I think it's in everyone's pocket.

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In the pocket of 11.800 billion yen.