I just can't take a step.

I just can't take a step.

I think there are times when you think you're going to step out even if it's only half a st

can't proceed.

Thank you for always reading.

(There are unexpectedly a lot of people who meet in the middle of the night, isn't there?)

Well, I th
nk that there are times when I can't proceed even though I'm going to step out even if it's only half a step.

I want to change myself and move on.

I want to move forward with a better aim.

I want to move on even if it is half a step.

I think that the
re are times when I can't have courage while thinking so.

"There's never been
a time when it's so easy to move on."

Various people are taking new initiatives under the influence of coronaviruses.

I'm in a state where I have to do it.

I think that there are some people who tried their best to advance,

Now that we're in this state,

There are a lot of people who have no choice but to do it.

"Amateur Heaven"

Every man has to start a new thing in a hurry.

We're starting to get our way.

A teacher who had to switch to an online course in an unfamiliar environment.

People who post videos on You Tube need to change the way they send.

A restaurant that switches to a bento sale that you have never done before.

If you look at any of them from the professional o
f the road,

It might be too messy and too bad.

However, I want you to remember that the receiving side is
also an amateur.

Because it is full of amateurs,

Even if you fail, you get 50%

Even if you throw it out, you'll get 80% more.

I think the probability of change is 100%.

There's no need to make a big change.

Even if it doesn't matter,

It is enough to be aware of "different from usual".

This is all I have to do

It might be a step that is too big from other people's point of view.

A thousand-length embankment is also from a hole in the wall,

If you catch it in a good way, you might notice how great it is!

PS: Thanks to Corona

there is a mask, I was now possible to say thank you in a louder voice to the clerk than usual.

The cut-off is progressing.

I have more time to read books.

It is possible to go to a different shop more and more than usual.

The number of times to put Tsukkomi in the back facing me has increased.

I can now actively rate someone well.

My specials have become 100 and more sophisticated.

If you don't use "really", you can see what you want to do.

I can see what "rest" is for me.

You have more opportunities to make You Tube videos.

The number of writing blog articles carefully has increased.

I'm more conscious of bonds.

I began
to be able to do "please" little by little, which I was not good at.

This is it!

I want to donate a mask – I don't have enough masks!

When you fall,

It's a waste if you wake up for free.

The headwind depends on how you
, and it becomes a tailwind.

I don't think it's too wastef

to miss now.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for

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