I know, but I'm in a hurry

I know, but I'm in a hurry

I think there are times when you're aware of your impatience but end up going around in the air, don't you think?

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(Wow, my head was two!) Figures of)

Well, I think that there are times when you go around in the air while being aware of impatience, don't you think?

It's no use rushing.

There is no good result even if it rushes.

I'm just tired even if I'm impatient.

I think I know that in my head

The more you try to do something so as not to rush,

When you notice it, you'll be in a hurry and repeat the air.

Before I know it, the way I look at it has changed.

I usually try to see something,

Even people who live to see what they've been able to do,

When you're in a hurry,

I think I've seen the opposite.

There's a goal,

I noticed that there was a long way to go,

We've got to do something about it! I'm impatient because I think.

I'm in a hurry, so I'm going to go around in the air.

That's because we're seeing a shortage.

Think about the goal you're aiming for a little bit.

It's not like comparing it to someone else.

When you look at it as your own goal,

What I can't get to in the middle is

By trying to change so much,

It's all you have to do to be impatient.

Like the past, the future, and others,

What you can't do on your own is

Once you throw it away or leave it alone,

The power that was dispersed in this and that,

Prioritize and collect.

Because there's something you want to get,

I think it's a knack to think about what to throw away.

Just focus on what you need right now.

It becomes simple, and impatience is reduced.

The goal was farther than I had expected.

I'm running with all my might.

Why don't you look at yourself as an object?


I'm more serious than ever.

Focus more than ever,

Try harder than ever before,

Toward a goal that's bigger than ever

Try a variety of combinations like never before,

I'm doing it faster than ever before.

What we got from it is

How many times as many times as you do when you're living with Pokhan?

Even if it was collected in a lot of way,

There should be nothing to be wasted.

When I observed it carefully and admitted it in myself.

It's still like this.

It changes to "It is already such a place".

The more you rush around, the more you do your best.

Even if you don't like it, you get to the goal.

than to be at the top

It might be more im
portant for me to get it from the road.

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