Most people fall into it!? What is it that you can't get even if you wish?

Most people fall into it!? What is it that you can't get even if you wish?

I think there are times when you want to scream but you can't get it, do you?

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That's it!

It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(It's a diagram of how your metabolism falls when you get 10 years old.)

Well, I think there are times when you can't get it even if you're so hopeful that you scream, don't you?

I think that there are various wishes and reasons,

I think that it is one cause that it is crowded among a lot of others.

In the world of the Internet,

Even if I ask God,

Make money in the real world

We competed by polishing the techniques and techniques of the small hands,

"Give me as many as I can for the best!" I'm screaming.

Most of these people can't get it just by screaming,

Even if I get it, I think it's a temporary lousy thing.

If you're living happily with something really important,

It's a little different from a lot of other thoughts, isn't it?

That's why we do minorities.

You don't have to force yourself to become a minority, but

Sometimes it's a different direction that you can't get

I think it's a good idea to change your mind once in a while.

What would you do if Santa Claus were to come?

I think most people think about what they want.

Would you like to make it a little more expensive? And such

Do you want me to put a lot of big socks in them? And such

Let's use irregular techniques like "I don't need it"? And such

How did you feel?

Maybe I should give it to you once in a while.

If you think about it, you can only work one day a year, but you're an elderly old man.

Such an old man moves the world in the reindeer in the cold in a primitive way.

It's a lot of hard work with heavy loads.

If you look at it that way, wouldn't your point of view change a little?

Even if you put the same socks,

Please don't do anything,

"It's going to be cold, so put this on!" 」

On a day when I had a little note and socks like that,

If I were Santa, I might leave all the presents.

The only difference is whether you are considerate or not.

As parents take for granted to their children,

For that person without asking for anything in return,

The power of compassion is great and everyone has it originally.

Once in a while, if you try to get out of the other many consciously,

You might notice that what you really want is not far away.

PS: If I'm Santa, I'll give you an Amazon gift certificate.

PS2: Thank you for always watching me even if I can't update it!

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Most people fall into it!? What is it that you can't get even if you wish?