Tohoho, I don't have anything.

Tohoho, I don't have anything.

I think that there are times when I feel that I don't have anything at a little time.

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It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(I'm just trying to be cashless!) Figures of)

Well, I think that there are times when I feel that I don't have anything at a little time.

When I see people who I think are amazing,

When I'm staring at myself in the recess

When things don't go well and you can't see where you're going,

Isn't it easy to feel at such a time? I think.

It's not really that there's nothing,

It's just out of the question.

For example, if you look at the left overs in the refrigerator,

"Oh, there's nothing! I've never said anything like that, have I?

There may be times when it's really empty, but

I think that it is similar to the time when it thinks that there is nothing somehow even if there is.

There is, but it seems to be useful,

There is, but the amount is half-baked,

There is, but it seems to be off the right.

It makes it to the thing that it does not even exist.

"The surplus of the refrigerator is the entrance of a new discovery"

When you combine things that are only there,

There is a freshness that I have never experienced before.

Freshness is overwhelmingly expanding your world.

That's because I'll take the plunge and try a combination that I would never normally do.

I put sugar on natto.

I put mayonnaise on the rice.

I put sauce in the oden.

Even if such freshness is thought with the head, it does not come out in the middle,

It takes a lot of courage to actually do it, but

That's all there is to it, and when you have to do something about it,

It's like you're going to win a lot.

Out-of-the-way interesting results are just around the place.

a healthy body

Time to use.

Free thinking.

Experiences up to now.

The knowledge gained.

Excellent network of contacts.

The economic power that we have now.


The skills you have.

Licenses and qualifications.

What you can do for granted.

Only one of them doesn't have to be terrible, and there's no need to compare them.

I think the important thing is how to combine interestingly.

On the other side of nothing,

"It's messed up" in the name of the possibility! I think there is

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Tohoho, I don't have anything.

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