Why can't the draw come true?

Why can't the draw come true?

I think there are times when you wish you're doing your best, but you can't be drawn to it, right?

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It's been too long.

I'm not really done.

I'm not serious about it.

And I can't.


(Illustration of the law that is easily attracted to the smell of curry)

Well, I think there are times when you wish you're doing your best, but you can't be drawn to it, right?

I want to be happy!

I want to be rich!

I want to be praised by the opposite sex!

I want to get better!

I want to have fun!

When I wish hard, but it doesn't come true,

I think there are many reasons,

It's not a big change, is it? I think.


What about the state it is now? That's what I'm talking about.

In order to realize the draw,

than being in the exact opposite position.

I think it's easier to realize that you're already starting to move on or that you're nearby.

For example, "I want to be !!!!!! When I'm screaming,

The premise is in exactly the opposite position,

Now I'm like, "I'm unhappy!!!!!!! I think it's coming with me, too.

This starts with a minus instead of a 0 starting point.

But you can solve it with just one shot with a little secret spell.

"More, more."

"I want to be happier" or "I want to be happier"

Just to do so, as a premise,

It's not unhappiness, but it still changes into a happy burn.

The wish has already come true just by changing the premise,

It changes to the state only to amplify it.

I think that only words are good for the time being.

No matter how much I screamed that I wanted to be happy because I thought I was unhappy,

The direction you are looking at is unhappy yourself.

It's hard to be told to feel happy from there.

Even to the extent that I'll say that I'm happy as a premise,

The direction you are looking at changes to yourself, which may be a little happy.

It's not so much about size or reality.

First of all, I think that it is very important which way to look.

People don't come to people who look boring.

People don't like people who look interesting.

Which way would you go?

Good luck and good power might be similar.

The distance to come true is only a different premise,

The starting point is completely different.

All-you-can-save greatly with just one word.

What do you want to attract and realize?

It might have come out as a desire because it was really close.

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Why can't the draw come true?

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