A big loss is a forerede?

A big loss is a forerede?

I'm losing a lot!! I think there are times when you think about it, don't you?

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(The contents of the cashless seminar are being thought out.)

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Well, I lost a lot!! I think there are times when you think about it, don't you?

You paid so much for this?

That's what I expected?

Even though you've worked so hard, what's that?

If you don't do anything here, you'll get caught up in it.

With a nuance close to a big loss,

You've failed,

I think there are times when I regret it.

"You'll get a lot of money!" A forery of"

I went to a little seminar a little while ago.

Although I did not expect it at the seminar of about 3000 yen,

I was too poor and lost a lot for the first time in a long time! That's what I'm talking about.

There is no material to be text,

My sister read a pawapo stick,

At the end of the day, it's just sales and there's no content.

Even if it was only 3000 yen,

I regretted spending wasted money and precious time.

I thought I lost a lot at the time, but

I'm very supported when I do seminars.

I think that the person who does the seminar etc. understands,

I want you to say that it was good even a little,

I want it to be a merit of the person who is coming,

I want to teach a deep level,

Good luck in its own way,

You think you're going to work hard, don't you?

At the same time, anxiety comes with it.

What if? What if I'm told this seminar?

What if you think you've come and lost?

What if it made you feel like you knew this much?

The more people try to be neat, the more

I think you'll have some anxiety.

I myself said, "Is it 3,000 yen at that seminar?" I'm really helped by that.

The effect that continues to come after such a thing,

At that time, it is likely to feel that it lost a lot.

I think that it was not limited to the seminar but also a big loss,

It often leads to a good gain if it sees later.

I was deceived and took a lot of money.

I wasted my life.

I was shaken by a boring person.

If it stopped there forever, I'll stay in the middle of my misfortune

If you make it into a story, you'll get something that's impossible,

It becomes deep humanly.

The only difference is whether to stop or accept and move on.

And when you look at it in the short term,

In the long run,

The position of the thing itself changes.

Everyone is adthes to avoid loss in everything,

If you try to choose the one that loses a lot once in a while,

You may be able to meet unexpected treasures!

The opposite of a big loss is a big profit!

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A big loss is a forerede?

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